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The "Eternal Date" commemorates the day Meher Baba dropped His physical form, January 31, 1969.


Meher Baba's Last Sahavas (Excerpts)
We sat down under a tree and heard the long story....from Eruch and the other members of the Mandali.
Meher Baba's Final Days
Baba was giving us hints that His stay among us was coming to an end but we never anticipated that He was going to drop His body.
An Endless New Story
Was Baba now teaching us to see Him not physically but in our hearts? Many tears were shed as the lid was lowered.
With Your Heart Predominating
If you bring your differences into His Presence, then you will not be there with Him.
It Never Entered Our Heads
How could we have such an idea that Baba would drop His body?
Infinite Love, Mercy, Compassion, Authority And Power
When the Avatar drops His physical body, there is no lessening at all of His exercise of Infinite Love, Mercy, Compassion, Authority and Power.
Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow
For seven days Baba's body was kept in the tomb at Meherabad hill for thousands of his lovers to take his darshan.
It Makes No Difference
The Avatar always maintains His universal ego.
Just Imagine!
A day before dropping the body, even while the movement of His fingers brought on a renewed spasm, Baba told us, "All this, all that I have been through all along, has been a preparation for the Word — for just the One Word!"
I Am Not This Body
When he repeated this to me, just hours before he dropped his body, it was with a force which I cannot describe.
Even At The Last Minute
This is how Baba even at the last minute responded to his feelings, just as He did all along while He was with us.
Mehera's Grief
When we could bear Mehera's tears no longer, we would take her to Baba's cabin and sit talking with her near the stretcher that had borne His body from Meherazad to the Samadhi.
Delia Will Be With Me At The End
So does Baba's will manifest itself at all times in our lives, for some time afterward I heard that Baba had said years earlier, "Delia will be with me at the end!"
Are You Listening?
Baba's Avataric greatness lies not only in His work for the creation but also in these little things, the little personal touches that each of us who tries to love and hold on to Him, experiences.
Skip All The In-Between Lives
When Baba dropped His body, Mastan did not know at first what had happened.
The Sun Was Setting And The Moon Was Rising
This is the true account of Avatar Meher Baba's dropping his body according to the resident mandali.
The Year Of Dropping His Body
Baba said that He had a year in His mind. In that year a very great event would take place and the whole universe would receive a shock thereby.
Deaf To His Hints
Many hints were given by Baba about His passing away but these were not understood.
The Last Person Baba Remembered
You know that at the very end, on the 31st of January, Dr. Ginde was the last person Baba remembered.
Unusual Occurances
In the clear sky round the bright sun could be seen a big grey circle with a rainbow-like outer rim of three colors, light brown, yellow and greyish blue.
For Amartithi
I put down the phone and sat there dazed, not knowing what to do.
Why Did You Go Away?
Despite the fact that Baba was no longer in His physical body and there was no one who would or could ever take His place, His lovers still came in groups from all over the world for a week at a time.
Something Mystical Was Taking Place
His precious body was covered, it seemed as if the very essence which had sustained our lives was being ripped away from us.
Meher Baba's Last Year
While we were there Baba said to us, "Henceforth you don't need to tell or ask Me anything. I will give you internal guidance."
Beloved Meher Becoming Weaker
Twice during those days I noticed blue-grey shadows across Baba's pale face.
Perfect Love
The next day I told several men to stand outside the Samadhi in a row and, one at a time, say "Jai Baba, Mehera" when she came out.
I Was Missing My Beloved Baba
The two jeeps with horns blowing like a Fire Brigade screeched along roads of Bombay ignoring all traffic signals and got us into the Poona-Ahmednagar train in time.
The Beloved's Dhun
When Roshan opened her eyes, she saw Baba walk in through the door and stand between the dining room and the door.
When They Begin The Beguine
It was 1:30 in the afternoon in New York but exactly twelve midnight on January 31st in India. At that moment, on Meherabad Hill, Amartithi had begun.
The Final Darshan Never Ends
Thousands and thousands of lovers, all in tears, were slowly going up to the Tomb where He lay, still so radiant that it was difficult to believe that He was physically dead!
Died Of A Broken Heart
As soon as the ambulance returned from Meherabad and drove into the hospital compound, the engine stopped dead and could not be made to start again.
His Physical Suffering Has Ended
I saw how much suffering Baba was enduring. That is the reason, when he dropped his body, I didn't cry.
This Is His Message To Us
Mehera stood outside the tomb, by the north window, as the men mandali lowered the coffin over Baba's body.
They Were Tears Of Love
She was led to the landing of the crypt and only after she had sat down there and a torch light focussed on Baba's face, could she see Him.
There Is Seated The Divine Power Of Baba
Baba's complexion, which was pale, became pink by 4th February and He looked as if He was in a deep sleep.
Baba Consoled Me Through A Vision
I was so amazed to see Baba that I could not speak a word myself. I was dumbfounded and I think I must have been in a sort of trance at the time.
Beloved Baba's Interment
This was the last day of the sahavas as Baba's body was to be interred at 12:15 p.m. The trustees had decided on this issue at a meeting. Coincidentally, it was Baba's birthday according to the Zoroastrian calender.
No, No, This Is Not True
These last moments on 31 January 1969 are indelibly etched in the hearts of everyone who was present.
Internal Links
This darshan revealed that Baba had indeed, forged "internal links" with His future lovers and had also strengthened the existing links with those who loved Him already.

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