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How Do You Like My Painting?
So whatever you feel like doing, go on doing. It will go on developing by itself.
The Art Of Painting Meher Baba
Our great hope was that painting as an art might communicate a hint of the truth of the glory of God.
The Slippers Of The Perfect Master
In 1952 he [Gabriel Pascal] told Baba that prior to The Slippers of the Perfect Master, he was undertaking a film about Gandhiji's life.
Qawali Program
Baba told Eruch to pay the Qawali singers extra which was always the way with Beloved Baba.
Just As A Sculptor Chisels Sheela
Baba did not ask me to read my poems every time, buta whenever he did, he would correct them.
The Current Of Love
Once Baba heard all these songs and was very pleased with them and He encouraged me to try to write more of such songs if I found time.
Love, The Mainspring Of Our Lives
One lives in and enjoys each present moment to the fullest. There is no better medium to portray this than motion pictures.
I Have Not Come To Give Sight To The Blind
Baba encouraged Lyn to go on proudly despite his worsening sight, painting his pictures.
Modern Version Of The Classic Sufi Love Poem
The lover finds him or herself caught in the middle of the divine play and from this intolerable predicament arises an intense feeling of helplessness and a yearning to be released.
Sing To De Lawd!
De Lawd loves music,
An' de Lawd likes grace —
So sing to de Lawd
Wid a shinin' face
How shall I know the moment
When time and eternity blend
It's A Street Singer
He told me to ask this singer to come the next day at noon, so I went down to the street and made the necessary arrangements.
Meher Baba: Indian Music Is All About Love
Let us have music. Indian music is all about love.
In Heaven Where He Lived
In heaven, where he lived, the strange music I sometimes heard was completely normal.
Music Within The Music
Suddenly I was hearing music within the music — rich, complex harmonic beauty that had been locked in the sounds I'd been making.
The Music Of God
One who bears the music of God in his own heart — such wonderful music, for it is the original music — loses his bodily consciousness and sees God everywhere.
On Its Way To The Truth
I saw pop artists as mirrors of their audience, developing ways to reflect and speak truth without fear.
Kabir was a Perfect Master as well as a poet.
Interpretation of Begin The Beguine
I feel very happy to hear music, it reminds me of the First Song that was sung ages ago, and that song produced the phenomena called the universe.
The Human Sight Of God — To Mehera
If the aim of life is to love God, then surely the aim of painting must become once again to see the Beauty of Avatar and express that Beauty through the elements of sight.
Begin The Coincidence
So the "Indian Love Call" of the Avatar of the Age quietly enters the West, and the B side of the record will eventually draw our attention to this.
The Horses Mouth: Harry Thomas At The Maine Baba Meeting
Soon after that, as he puts it, "a whole world opened up" to him. This world eventually involved seeing that Baba has encoded into the Chinese calendar that he was the "White Horse Avatar," who is called "Kalki" in the Indian Vedanta, the next expected appearance of the Avatar, come to renew the world.

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