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Bhau Kalchuri

O Merciful God, may You be ever glorified.
O Avatar of the age, Lord Meher, may You be ever glorified.

The pure moment of union has come and the wine's flame is spreading.
O Ancient One, You have descended on earth and the earth is receiving the wine from Your wineshop.

O Lord, tell us, whenever the world did not thirst for wine, didn't
You create the thirst and make the world drink Your wine?

Whenever the world has become deaf to the sound of Your Word, didn't
You tune Your sitar and make the world listen to the music of Your Word?

You have always opened the world's ear and played Your sitar to make the world hear the music.
Because of the music of Your Word, the night is now restless to remove the veil.

O Bhau, the world will witness the dawn and the era is blessed by His Grace.


MEHER GEETIKA (Meher Love Songs), pp. 88-89
1986 © Bhau Kalchuri


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