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Bhau Kalchuri

Oh Meher, now I realize why I am criticized, condemned and even tortured by others.
It is the release of your blessings upon me that I may be strengthened in Your love.

Oh friends, I admit I have many weaknesses, but you do not understand, my Beloved has taken charge of me.
Why then do you worry about me, and why do you not leave me alone with my Beloved?

Oh friends, I am so ignorant that I don't know whether or not I have been living with my Beloved.
But it is a fact — my Beloved has been living with me and I consider this my good fortune.

Oh friends, I am not an astrologer so do not ask me what will happen to the world.
The world is a dream and all that happens in it is nothing but a dream.

Take pity on me, oh my friends! I have lost the capacity to understand your language.
My love for the Beloved is instructing me in the language of Silence which is beyond understanding.

Oh friends, do not think that I ignore your queries because I remain quiet.
I tell you the truth: I am tired of thoughts, tired of desires and tired of understanding, in my love for the Beloved.

Oh Bhau, what ambitions have you left in this life and how will you fulfill them?
Have you not surrendered your ambitions at the feet of the Beloved?


OCEAN WAVES, Vol 2, p. 133
2008 © Bhau Kalchuri


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