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My True Lover
Although it is true that my real center is the heart of the individual, it is helpful for my lovers to come together and think and talk about me.
Harmony And Cooperation
All can love me. I want to create the head and the heart in balance.
Guruprasad Memorial
This memorial will remain vital and therefore holy, by the works of love His lovers do in His Name. It will be a place where those who do not come to ask, but to offer themselves to the Beloved, will have their prayers granted.
On Baba-Group Meetings
Mani has read this letter and said: "This reminds me of Beloved Baba who would often say, 'I want one heart with many hands to work in my Cause'."
It Has Never Been Truer Than In The Spiritual Cause That History Repeats Itself
Andhra Meeting, Part 1: What follows is my attempt to portray the general proceedings of this momentous ineffable meeting [at Rajahmundry, India, 1954].
Every Baba Lover A Baba Center
Andhra Meeting, Part 2: Let every lover, whoever and wherever he may be, be Baba's centre in telling people Baba's message that God alone is real and everything else is unreal and that therefore all should love Baba.
Don't Try To Bind My Lovers
Let them have free scope and free play.
A Semblance Of Harmony
I like to think of disagreement as a 'tread' necessary for a vehicle (or a footwear) while going up a steep incline, helping to increase our 'grip' and preventing a 'slipping' into carelessness — but disagreement should never grow into dissension.

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