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To have My real darshan is to find Me.
The way to find Me is to find your abode in Me.
And the only one and sure way to find your abode in Me
is to love Me.

— Meher Baba

LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, pp. 463-464, Kitty Davy
1981 © AMBPPCT


To receive the grace of seeing the divine

The Lowest Gets The Most
So, in this way, the one who thought himself the most unfortunate received he most.
The Importance Of Baba's Lovers
We worked all night long and by morning all those thousands of chairs were in place and no one ever knew what had happened.
To Give The World My Darshan
It is this darshan that will have meaning for those who know and love me.
I Will Give My Darsan To My Lovers
"I will give it on my own terms."
This Must Bear Good Results
In the two days that Louis spent here and at Meherabad, I could see that he came to understand a bit about Me, and he expressed his love for Me by speech and action.
He took a rose and aimed it straight at her.
"Bad" Is Relative
Finally when I could not take it any more and the visitor had left, I told Baba that the man was a thorough scoundrel and that he was merely putting on an act of love and devotion.
No Disbelief Or Animosity Could Surface
The crowd continued to remain quiet and Baba's authority at that moment was unmistakable.
The Love Of His Lovers
Baba would not listen to us. He would only listen to the love of His lovers.
Meet Me Again
No one requires an introduction to me, for no one is a stranger to me.
This Darshan Will Have Meaning
The more you stretch the bow, the greater the distance the arrow will fly, and the harder it will hit its target.
I Don't Know
No one can control the heart's outburst!" Pawar confessed.
A Special Dispensation Of His Grace
After paying homage to Baba, Vir Inder desired to give a morsel of rava personally to Baba, but He gestured, "No."
His Loving Compassion
That garland remains, even to this day, my most precious possession.
Here Am I
At that very moment, Veerachari was sitting in Subba Rao's garden, weeping because Baba was not going to visit his home.
I Am With You
Until I announce that I will give my darshan to my lovers, none of you must try to come, none of you must ask to come, none of you must come.
Kashmira Takes The Beloved's Darshan
This is a Baba anecdote to do with a little girl, Kashmira by name, who was four years old at the time.
Three Incredible Weeks With Meher Baba, Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
To make you all share My feeling of being one with you and one of you, I sit down beside you.
Meher Baba: Take Me With You
"All of you, take me with you," were Baba's final words as he waved goodbye with an upraised arm.
The Most Fortunate
One day, three groups of visitors unexpectedly came to Meherabad for Baba's darshan.
To Sing To Him
The man looked up and was startled to see Baba so close to him.
Baba's Understudy
In the evening a Parsi gentleman, having somehow got wind of Baba's arrival, came to take Baba's blessing.
Stories About Baba In Persia
This trip to Persia differed from the others in that Baba and his party received a very cordial welcome from rich and poor alike.
Wait And See
As the clock struck nine, Eruch said to all those who had entered, "You have kept your appointment with God."
Darshan In Our Apartment
After the first few interviews, Baba looked like a drooping flower that had just been watered. He himself said, "You see, so much love has revived me."
I'm Everywhere
I'd see him every place I went until it simply became impossible to feel like he'd gone.
Darshan Or Presence
The effect of Darshan is dependent upon the receptivity of the aspirant, whose reaction is determined by his own sanskaras and past connections.
With Both Hands
Baba gave so much Prasad that in the younger children's small hands, it spilt on to the ground.
You Must Strive To See Me As I Really Am
Then you will be able to know Me as I am.
In His Presence, Our Body, Mind And Soul Were All His
It is the rarest privilege which few of this mankind got to be in the presence of the Avatar who being the personification of Love had come only for giving and receiving love.
My First Darshan Of God Incarnate
I found myself intoxicated by His Divine Glance and Divine effulgence.
In A State Of Immense Joy
Baba held my hand, drew me to His heart and gave me a warm embrace and made me aware that I was in the lap of the God-mother drinking deep from the well of His love.
A Response To This Language Of The Heart
Baba's visit to Hamirpur was itself a response to this language of the heart of His lovers there.
This Is My Rest
In the early afternoon his right hand grew so weary that he started giving out the sweets with his left.
I Am Also Your Friend
I am in all, and one with all. That is why I can automatically adapt Myself to all kinds of people, and meet them where they are.
Remember With Love And Eat With Love
About 15,000 people took his pious darshan and received the Prasad of love and had become blessed by the divine love and bliss of Avatar of the age.
Darshan By Proxy
Baba finally told Dr. Ghani that when such an act is promised to another person, it must be performed precisely as that person would perform it.
How Lucky Those Garlands Are
That is the supreme blessing of this form, of human form, that we can consciously adore and love God.
Darshan At Village Air
He was ready to give His darshan to village people by sitting in the bus in front of exit door.
I Asked Myself Whether I Was The Avatar
As I am going to drop My body soon, this is your last opportunity to embrace Me.
I Am In That Mood
Had he carried out my wish today, I would have given him my real darshan!
Beloved Baba Really Gave Me Darshan
Baba's presence was just so incredibly strong. He was there.
After An All-Day Trip
Baba had said that the Darshan would be only for His lovers; that it would be the last given in silence; and that it would be unparalleled.
I Like You All The Same All The Time
"So you like My people all the time," said Baba, "And you like Me sometimes."
Mehera Asked Mani To Take Over
Mani held the microphone for her — but Mehera shyly kept leaning away from it, with Mani still holding it for her.
That Little Bird
I was absolutely frozen. I did not know what to do. Time stopped. My brain stopped. Everything stopped.
He Opened The Floodgates Of His Love
Watching in my hideaway, I received some of the residue and was quickly becoming intoxicated.
The Empty Chair
From May 1967 onwards, all the young Baba people who visited the (Myrtle Beach Baba) Center, who gathered for meetings and invited speakers to come and energize them, had one burning thought in mind. When will we get to meet Meher Baba?

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