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Death And The Cry Over It
Death is common to all. It is a necessary step forward towards life. The soul changes into a new abode, and thus death means no more than changing your coat.
Moment Of Death
The thought or wish the dying individual holds at the moment of death has special importance in determining his future destiny.
Mani said that with anything that harms or hurts one, it is all right to kill it as long as one is not vindictive or cruel.
The Dropping Of The Physical Body By The Avatar
The dropping of the physical body by the Avatar or by the Sadguru is not death, for even while he uses the body he is in no way attached to it and has no sanskaric link with it.
Classification Of Death
From the standpoint of its psychic after-effects, death can be classified into three broad types, (1) normal, (2) abnormal and (3) supernormal.
Free Of The Body
The body eventually becomes the excreta of the soul. Death is the process by which the soul excretes the human body.
On Life After Death
After death the spirits of human beings (except for those who have sufficiently progressed on the spiritual path and are beyond the fourth plane) reach the semi-subtle sphere.
Man Form And After
The Advent means Infinite Consciousness manifesting itself as the God-Man in human form, and when this human form is dropped, i.e., when the Avatar sheds His Man-form, the Infinite Consciousness continues to be so.
The Mystery Of Death
The immersion of the individual in the routine of life causes him to be seriously disturbed by the sudden experience of death, particularly when it takes away someone who has been near and dear to him.

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