Symbols of the world's religions


She Went To The Source
She's the only one who had sense enough to choose the right object.
Please Do Justice To Me
The aspirations of the seeker of Truth will lead him through all sorts of byways and alley-ways, mountain passes and valleys.
The Ring
After all have had their say, the king turns to Ayaz and asks him the ring's worth.
The Spark That Kindled The Flame
People seeing him in this plight used to shed tears of pity and regret for him.
Steer Aside
One day Ramakrishna was standing by the river with his disciples and, pointing to a boat moving upstream, he gave this parable on anger.
The Search For Eternal Beauty
And then there is the story of Raja Gopichand.
Please Show Me Maya
Ananda looked up and there was the Buddha, sitting on a stone, looking at him with great compassion.
Has My Beloved Escaped From My Heart?
At last what I have been praying for all these years has come true.
Grab Just One Thing
It makes me think of the story of the king who on a spontaneous impulse announced suddenly to the subjects present in his palace to grab just one thing (anything within the palace) for himself.
The Young Sufi's Love For God
The Sultan wept, and dismissed them with honour.
All Existence Is Within You
An ant was trying to cross a stream on a leaf.
Creeds And The Inner Path
The established codes of religion and morality are like the general advice given by the father of the boy.
Why I Say This Was No Sacrifice
Since then I have been traveling all over the world, hoping to find another sacrifice like that.
That's How You Should Live In The World
These women returning from the well with pitchers balanced on their heads seem to be thinking of nothing else but exchanging tid-bits of gossip with each other.
The Guru Is Everywhere
As a thirsty man under the scorching sun in the desert values water more than pearls or diamonds, so also a real lover of God only thirsts for Him and considers everything else as dust before Him!
Beware (A Parable)
The widow felt this deeply and said, "Dear child, the mere movement of your lips and the most gentle touch of the flower has caused a deeper wound in my heart than the bleeding wounds caused by the stones hurled at me."
The Miser's Lucky Break
With his very last breath the old miser called out to his son, "Krishna, Krishna!" and died.
Just Hold Fast To Me
This is your opportunity to become rich. You don't have to stay by my side.
Then Work Left Me
When the Master came out of his state of ecstasy he left the shop forever.
Is That So?
As long as we are for ourselves, even if we try to love the Lord, we cannot be resigned to His will.
The Greatest Man Of His Time
One evening Gotama and his companions talked about an extraordinary event that had occurred that day.
Three Stories Told By Baba
"The Milkman," "A Great Obedience" and "Acceptance."
Three Stories From Baba's Board
Baba used to illustrate His teachings with stories. I remember only three of them which I now recount.
Thank You
The young man bowed at his Master's Feet, begged Him to forgive him and said, "But Master, I have no wealth left of mine."
The Qutub, A King & Dogs
Once there was a Qutub living on the banks of a river; he always had a man guarding his door. One day the king of that city came to the door of the Qutub and demanded his darshan.
Spiritual Advancement
The story goes that the child sat up in his cradle and thanked Narad for all he had done and asked, "Why now do you deny me your glance and darshan?"
He Who Knows Does Not Speak
One day the woodcutter whilst chopping wood came across a diamond bracelet.
All The Time Engrossed In The Infinite
So they set out, the man with the cup of milk, and the two executioners, one on his right and one on his left.
Palaces In Heaven
One day the queen was strolling along the seashore with her ladies, and she came upon Bahlul playing in the sand.

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