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The Dhuni, 1925, Meherabad
At about 5 P.M. the first Dhuni was lighted, in the presence of the Master, who then told the Mandali to sing Upasni Maharaj's Arti. The Mandali did so and when the Arti was almost half over, it began to drizzle which in turn developed into a very good shower, cooling the earth and drenching the Master and the Mandali.
All Hell Had Broken Loose
What a sucker he had been! Or stop, had he? If the stick tossed into the fire had precipitated all this, then perhaps that loving embrace by Baba held the antidote.
Dhuni In The Sat Yuga
So, at the age of sixty, the head of the household left his home, renounced the world, and headed off, usually into the jungle or forests to search for God.
An Act Of His Compassion
Baba ordered this dhuni lit, and very soon clouds gathered in the sky and it began to rain.
Burn The Thought Mentally
Each of you try to sacrifice something to the burning fire in the Dhuni today, say, anger or prestige or greed for something, for example, wealth, etc.
The Real Dhuni
The real dhuni is the human heart. And the real fire is the fire of love for God.
A Dhuni Experience
Never doubt that what you put in the Dhuni is the very thing you are meant to put in!
Dhuni Fire
They lit the spent garlands to a blaze in the stone circle
On The Dhuni
In India the saints and masters who left the towns and sometimes lived in the jungles, usually kept a dhuni burning for all the twenty-four hours.

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