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Part 1


R. S. Singh Baghel

Between the night of 3rd and 4th February 1954, Baba was alone in His precious tent which was provided for His stay during the time of Ichhaura and Mr. Eruch B. Jessawala was on night duty sitting on a stool outside the temporary compound which was prepared by dry jwaar straw.

Adjacent to Baba's tent on Eastern side there was another compound of other person and circled by dry plants through which anybody could see every thing in both the compounds adjoining to each other.

In the eastern compound there was a small muddy room in which some about eight persons had been staying there in that room for some months. The persons staying in eastern compound were the residents of Rajasthan state (India) and they were carpenters who were wooden workers who worked hard in the day time and in the evening cooked their food by own hands.

After taking dinner in the night they sang the Ramayan — the poetic description of life sketch of Avatar Ram. The Ramayan is very popular in northern Hindi knowing Indian Hindus. That was the daily routine and on the same day those carpenters read the Ramayan till zero hours in the night and after that they were ready to go to sleep.

Since midnight a divine conference was started in the beloved Baba's compound in front of His tent towards south. There was a large open field towards south of the Baba's tent. That divine darbar was held under the preplanning of the Avatar of the age, many angels, fortunate divine agents along with several deities were gathered there arriving by their own means of conveyances flying and getting down from the sky.


2010 © R. S. Singh Baghel


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