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This Dream Has Significance
I have your letter and have noted the unnecessary confusion created regarding dreams and Baba's appearance in your dreams.
On dreams from In God's Hand, Part 1
As you know, dreams prove to us (when we awake) that we were asleep, and the dreams in the awake state are remembered (i.e. seen).
On dreams from In God's Hand, Part 2
Now about the saint's mind:
Most dreams are purely subjective and subconscious experiences of the subtle body and they have no special spiritual significance...
Baba Dreams
What are dreams that we see when we are asleep?
So, There Is Really Nothing To Worry Over
Sanskaras make the Dream of Creation appear to be real and lasting, and they create undue worries.
These Things Have No Meaning
In ancient times some yogis were so powerful that they too could fly like birds. For a lover of God such things are neither important nor essential.
Dreaming And Dreaming
When real light appears, this darkness which you think is light disappears.
The Gift Of Music
The dream continued, and he saw a form surrounded by a tremendous light.
All This Is A Dream
From 'Who am I?' to 'I am God' is just one long, long dream covering ages and ages in time.
Delia and I [Margaret], who confessed to having no dreams of any kind that we remembered, were told that instead of entering the discussion we were to brush Baba's hair and massage His scalp.
You Will Be Around Me Always
When you see me, when you see my physical form, it is not a dream.
Interesting Entertainment
Herein one can see his subtle method of not releasing hold on the minds of the mandali even during the state of sleep.
The Dream State Serves As A Bridge Between Sleep And Waking
The unique virtue of the ordinary dream-state is that experiences in it are relatively free from the act of willing as well as from the rigid social demands which prevail in conscious life.
Too Late In Awakening
So long as a human mind dreams the dream of creation, it cannot experience Eternity.
How Did The Universe Come About?
To know the exact meaning of the 'awake' state, one has to experience the 'dream' state.
Peter The Dog
He is dreaming that he is being attacked by big dogs and he is very scared.
Pukar's Dream
Baba ... had perfectly reenacted the dream he had seen as a child of Lord Ram.
Dreaming And Dreaming
When you awake from your asleep-dreaming into your awake dream you know that the asleep-dreaming was only a dream.
Earthquake At The Nunnery
I clung on tight to the empty frame in my hands, and called out, "Baba, Baba, Baba!"
Blessed To Awaken
To remain under the influence of illusion is to remain in the shadow world of the dream state.

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