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A Taste Of The Unity Of Life
What was that obedience Baba wanted? It was to love Him as He should be loved.
Oppressive Forms Of Duality
Then love is gradually freed from the tinge of differentiative sex consciousness, and understanding is lifted out of the obsessiveness of one of the most oppressive forms of duality.
So Merciful, So Kind And So Loving
Gross conscious people cannot break the age-old habit of good or bad, natural or unnatural distinctions, so it is the work of the Avatar to let them know that there are states of human consciousness beyond good and evil.
When Our Only "Income" Comes From The Master
For ages we have been taking duality as our reality, and the Master is trying to raise us out of that level.
In Achieving Good Thoughts
'Good' and 'bad' are terms that reinforce illusory duality more than they remind one of divine unity.
On The Altar Of Consciousness
Duality implies the existence of opposites limiting and balancing each other through mutual tension.
If Each Of These Rays Had Consciousness
When the rays of the sun are made to pass through a prism, they get dispersed and become separate owing to refraction.

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