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Unless we are stripped of all egoistic tendencies and desires, and unless our soul attains its original naked state, we cannot embrace God the Beloved Who is eternally naked in His infinity.

— Meher Baba

LORD MEHER, 1st USA ed, vol 11 & 12, p. 4333, Bhau Kalchuri
1997 © AMBPPCT



The Ego Becomes Very Thin And Weak
Just as the body feeds on food, so the mind feeds on desires, and indulgence in these desires feeds the mind and the ego.
The Key To Unravelling The True Meaning
All things and forms, individually as well as collectively, derive their existence as well as value from God.
He Remembers Who, In Reality, He Is
The greater his conquests the stronger is his confirmation of what his mind tells him — that there is no God other than his own power.
Complete Acceptance Of The Truth
Any thought, feeling or action which savors of the separative ego springs from unqualified ignorance.
Unless I Help You, You Cannot Surrender
When the false ego is effaced, God manifests and plurality is merged in Unity forever.
What Is Meant By The Annihilation Of The Ego?
It means to be fully conscious in sound sleep — fully conscious in the fully unconscious state!
Whether They Are Good Or Bad
Actions continue whether they are good or bad, and therefore the Masters have said, "Act in such a way that the actions do not bind you and impressions are not created."
Lust, Greed And Anger
Lust, greed, and anger respectively have body, heart, and mind as their vehicles of expression.
Very Few Indeed
Every second, one suffers the poignant pain of ego elimination, culminating in utter resignation to the Divine Will.
What Else Would There Be To Know?
Mind always keeps you in a tap dance.
Unite With The Ocean Of Life
When the hindrance of the ego-mind is removed, the Master, as it were, drinks the inmost sweet water and makes it unite with the ocean of life that he is.
Eternally Naked
It is not what the world thinks of us that matters, but what God knows about us that matters.
Ego And Moods
Baba's emphasis on group work and group living was evident at all times.
You Should Be Most Natural
Whatever you are, express it unmindful of reactions of others.
Two Types Of Ego
You must drown yourself completely in the ocean of My Love, then you will find My Grace there.
Ego Is Hydra-Headed
As the ego has almost infinite possibilities for making its existence secure and creating self-delusion, the aspirant finds it impossible to cope with the endless cropping up of fresh forms of the ego.
The All-Knowing Ego Surgeon
I whispered to T. Dhanapathirao that I felt proud of the fact that Baba used the two chamki (lace) garlands offered to Him for all the 3 days.
Baba Says It's All Our Fault
You were left with the exhilarating knowledge that you had actually triumphed over your formidable ego.
The Real Aspiration
The only experience which makes for the slimming down of the ego is the experience of love.
Deeper Surrender To The Beloved's Will
It [ego] struggles in the quagmire of existence, but each act of ego-affirmation invites a reaction of deeper surrender to the beloved's will.
The Tricks Of The Ego
The Ego is activated by the principle of self-perpetuation and has a tendency to live and grow through each and any means which is not closed to it.
Become An Ant
In the world, everyone wants to become an elephant.
All Such Moods Feed The Ego-Life
I do not like moods and therefore, to please Me, which is one of the best ways of showing your love for Me, try your best to overcome them.
Bit By Bit You Have To Go!
The less you think of yourself and the more you think of Baba, the sooner the ego goes and Baba remains.
Seeking God through the ego-mind is like trying to overtake your own shadow.
Extinguishing The Ego
After Bhauji finished his talk on the phone, he turned to us and said, "Only when you throw out the ego, then He will manifest in you and then you will have real poise.
To Establish Love For The Truth
The disintegration of the ego is a condition for the realizing truth.
Become Like A Stone
Whether it is kicked, spit upon or worshiped, it remains unaffected.
The Mandali Are Missing
The blame Baba directed at us was imbued with his love and a deeper purpose we could sense, even if we couldn't completely understand it.
Sense Of Self-Determination Annihilated
Sooner or later, each human being must be willing to annihilate for a time his own sense of self-determination in a sense of absolute trust of another.
Dr. Asthana's Deceit
"At the Agha Khan Palace," he answered, and I was impressed as it was a very expensive hotel.
Only Love Counts
When you say, "I am so and so," it is the false ego asserting the false self.
The Only Aspiration
To fear God or His manifestations is to strengthen duality; to love them is to weaken it.
Existence And Life
Existence is eternal, whereas life is perishable.

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