Symbols of the world's religions


Oblivious Of His Own Real And Original State
In short, this is the stage at which God, while identifying Himself with human beings in full consciousness, still remains quite oblivious of His own real and original state of God-Is.
Baba Gave The Final Killing Blow
In evolution, the snake form is like an entangled rope which you cannot undo or unwind.
Baba Explained Very Beautifully
Baba explained all of this very beautifully to us by the use of this dog, all in silence, and it was very enjoyable for us.
The Missing Link
The missing link is a creature exactly like a gorilla but with a short tail. And whereas the gorilla uses its hands while walking, the missing link walks on its feet.
Evolution Of The World
One cycle is twelve thousand million years [12,000,000,000].
Characteristics Of The Different Kingdoms
To achieve complete development of consciousness in the human form, the evolutionary process had to take seven major leaps, viz., from stone to metal, from metal to vegetable, from vegetable to worm, from worm to fish, from fish to bird, from bird to animal and finally from animal to human being, each expressing different characteristics.
Life Eternal
God's working through the evolutionary processes is mostly unconscious and silent, and the stopping of this working brings about the end (pralaya) of creation, without terminating the existence of God Himself.
Sand Dollars
It is impossible to examine these exquisite little forms, not too high in the long run of evolution, without marvelling at the imagination of the Creator of all things.
With The Evolution Of Higher And Greater Consciousness Of The Soul
During the course of evolution of its consciousness, the soul (atma), while consciously identifying itself with varied, finite gross forms, was also simultaneously, though unconsciously, identifying itself with its finite subtle form and its finite mental form.
Other Planets
While there are drop-bubbles or forms evolving all the time, one might say that there are also wave-bubbles or forms evolving.

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