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Granny Would Not Budge
My father was 25 when he "proposed" to my mother, who was then five years old. It happened this way.
The Mother Of The Age
Baba's final remark was: "She is now freed."
I Created You!
Mother and son would interact, sparks would fly, yet of course there was also such a deep love between them.
The Ugly And The Beautiful
On the fifth day, Baba came to me in a dream and said, "Don't worry, do not be upset or be scared. I made you do all these things just to make you believe in me."
Sheriarji — The Wandering Dervish, part 1, part 2, part 3
This is the story of Sheriar Mundegar Irani who was born in Persia about 1853.
Your Son ... And Through Your Son — You!
Imagine the understanding, wisdom and the magnanimity of this 'grand old man.' No wonder Sheriarji was the 'chosen one' to father God in human form.
Yes, Yes Mother
Baba's mother said to Baba, 'Merog, you say that there will be widespread destruction, so when you destroy Poona do so with water, not fire.'
I Am Not Afraid Of Ghosts
If there is a ghost on that island I shall meet him.
He Has Gone Beyond It And Is Awake Forever!
Bobo's death, however, is not sleep. He has gone beyond it and is awake forever! He is emancipated and has gained mukti [liberation].
Sheriar: The Wandering Dervish
He dragged on repeating the name of God until he fell unconscious to the ground. When he opened his eyes again he saw before him a venerable old man and a strong youth.

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