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When the goal of life is attained, one achieves —
   the reparation of all wrongs,
      the healing of all wounds,
         the righting of all failures,
            the sweetening of all sufferings,
               the relaxation of all strivings,
                  the harmonizing of all strife,
                     the unraveling of all enigmas,
                        and the real and full meaning of all life —
                           past, present and future.

— Meher Baba         

1957 © Sufism Reoriented, Inc.


The Four Types Of Mukti Or Liberation
Ordinary Mukti, Videh Mukti, Jivanmukti and Param Mukti.
The Final Account
When the goal of life is attained, one achieves the reparation of all wrongs...
From Triplicity To Unity
One who arrives at the Goal is the Truth-realized individual, and he becomes the very Source of infinite knowledge, infinite power and infinite bliss.
Freedom From All Limitations And Sufferings
In this state of spiritual freedom and perfection, the ego-life is finally and completely surrendered.
The Show Has Not Been Seen In Vain
The game which the Self has witnessed is over; and it is in no way the worse for it.
Bliss Cannot Be Described
After the death of the mind, what the soul gains through God is bliss.
Dwell Eternally In Divine Love
The Perfect Ones, who retain normal consciousness and the body, even after realizing the unchanging and absolute Truth, dwell eternally in Divine Love, which transcends all duality and surpasses all understanding.
God Overtakes Himself
It has been a flight from eternity to eternity, from the shoreless Divinity to the shoreless Divinity, from the unending to the unending. It is a fulfillment that can never become stale.
God As Infinite Love
In the physical, subtle and mental spheres, the lover is conscious of separation from the Beloved; but when these spheres are transcended, the Lover is conscious of unity with the Beloved.
Action And Inaction
The state of the God-realized (not a Perfect Master) may be compared with a child wide awake but still in the cradle.
Each Realizes The Infinite Self Individually
Each such manifestation is individually infinite and thinks itself individually; i.e. each realizes the Infinite Self individually.
For Ever And Ever
The way to peace and fulfillment in union with God, the divine Beloved, is a daring dive into the "eternal now."
The Final State
The final state has been intimated by Christ in His words: "I and My Father are One."
I Do Not Advocate Even The State Of Najaat-Mukti
With me Najaat means the Realization of Abdiat (bubble-state) and Mabudiat (Ocean-state) at one and the same time. Whosoever realizes this state, can be said to be perfect.
Hama Doost And Hama Az Ust
The awakening of this divine love in the heart of the aspirant and the cleansing of his being is one of the functions of the God-man and Perfect Masters.
Jealousy is not born of love, but of petty-mindedness, and dies simultaneously with the death of petty-mindedness.
The Divine Union
When consciousness is illumined by the Truth, it reveals God as everything and it experiences one uninterrupted and endless continuity of limitless bliss, love, power and understanding.
The conscious union that the individual self has now established with the universal Self is an unfading attainment that persists forever.
In short, to be omnipresent is to be both omniscient and omnipotent simultaneously.
The Experience Of Both Imprisonment And Release
When the Soul realizes itself as Reality, the world vanishes — for it never was, and the Soul experiences itself as being Infinite and Eternal.

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