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In fact, in reality, there is nothing to be forgiven, for there is really nothing like good and bad.

— Meher Baba

THE BELOVED, Naosherwan Anzar, p. 80
1983 © AMBPPCT


Everything Will Be Forgiven
I can forgive; I have come to forgive.
Forgive And Forget
And when he has forgiven everyone and has completely forgotten himself, he finds that God has forgiven him everything, and he remembers Who, in reality, he is.
Forgive And Forget
Forgiveness is the best charity.
Asking God's Forgiveness
This repentance and prayer for forgiveness will now be uttered for me, for you and for all who are connected with me.
The Harder Task
Feeling very unworthy and guilty, I took a seat in the farthest corner of the room away from Baba. It was very difficult to look at Him because of all my guilty feelings.
Greater Value
There is greater value in conquering the heart of a single enemy than in gaining victory over the bodies of thousands of enemies.
Meher Baba: The Judges Of The World
The judges of the world bring guilt to the guilty and punish them; I bring guilt to the guilty and forgive them.
Go On Trying
Learn to jane do [let go] — to give up wanting the last word.
The meaning of forgiveness is to forget the insult.
On Relationships And Responsibilities
There cannot be a cyclone without there being a depression, a vacuum at the spot of the whirlwind. All the bustle and 'toofan' (storm) subsides spontaneously as soon as the vacuum is filled in to maintain equilibrium.
If Angry -- Forget
Take the cause of irritation out of your mind for ever.
The Tears Of Repentance
The tears of repentance are extremely valuable, because they bring back the memory of the Father, and the Father becomes visible to the tears.

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