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Bhau Kalchuri

The hell of Alm-e-Ruhani [Second plane] is real hell with two parts or sections — higher and lower hell. Hell is for the beneficial experience of gross conscious people to spend their excess bad and unnatural impressions collected. Ordinary bad and unnatural sanskaras such as lying, stealing, promiscuity, gluttony, greed, jealousy, etc. are spent in the higher hell state of consciousness.

People who have committed some terribly binding gross action in their past life such as suicide, murder, genocide, spiritual hypocrisy (false gurus and false saints), enter the lower hell where the deepest and darkest stains of ignorance can be spent consciously.

The most unnatural act of suicide results in the worst after-death experience. Suicide severely checks the natural progress of human consciousness and should be avoided. The human Jeevatma who commits suicide remains suspended in the sub-subtle or astral world for centuries as a ghost because he himself cut short millions of gross sanskaras which were meant to be spent in his last life.

The suicide without a gross body of his own must gradually spend each and every one of his left-over sanskaras as a ghost through temporary possession of other gross human or animal bodies. This process of possessing other bodies takes a very long time (several centuries) as the ghost has to find a suitable medium for each set of gross impressions, such as smoking, drinking, fornicating, eating, etc.

Suicide is the cause of many unnatural sanskaras and the purpose of the human body is quite distorted during extreme unnatural acts of possession. Once the purpose of the human body is distorted the human consciousness becomes distorted. There is no such phenomena as demonic possession and demonic entities do not exist; such entities are the ghosts of suicides.

There are good and bad ghosts, just as there are good and bad, high and low, natural and unnatural degrees of human consciousness. It is because of centuries of possessing other's bodies to use up sanskaras that some ghosts are frightening; actually their human consciousness has become distorted and that distortion of consciousness is frightening.

It is one part of the work of the Avatar and the Sadgurus to help ghosts of suicides to use up sanskaras quickly and thereby obtain for them a sufficient balancing of gross sanskaras to precipitate another human birth.


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