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Baba used to have one of us read jokes every afternoon, and someone asked why He liked jokes. Baba replied because the Universe is God's biggest joke!

LETTERS FROM THE MANDALI, Vol. 2, ed. Jim Mistry, p. 72
1983 © AMBPPCT


God's Sense Of Humor
He [Baba] stated that Creation is God's Lila (Divine Sport) and that it is sustained by His sense of humor.
The Originator Of This Joke
People take life seriously, and God lightly; whereas we must take God seriously, and life lightly.
A Good Laugh For Baba
I could feel the vibrations on the car seat and I glanced over and saw that Baba was laughing heartily.
Peculiar Poetry
After supper, Baba and some others were carrying on random poetry composing in the dining room.
This Completely Cured Him
Thus does Baba comply with our insistent desire, in order to make us free from that desire.
Splintering Hits
Baba has almost cleared half the windows of glass, but Doctor too is grimly sticking to his sweet sleep!
He Still Is Beautiful
With the slightest excuse Baba would find humour in a situation, and He used to amuse everybody.
Joining In The Fun Himself
There was much laughter when He circumnavigated the long table to find where He could best tickle each one.
Their Questions Answered
A few days after His return to Meherazad, Baba called Pukar and asked for the slips of paper.
Who Is Here?
As soon as I woke him, he got up and started running.
He Wanted To Embrace Me
I was so frightened I actually began to perspire.
Each Clings To His Own Different Interpretation
There is more of the writers in the Bible than of Jesus Christ!
An Insult To Our Beloved God
Everyone had a hearty laugh.
Be Wholeheartedly With Him
People often wasted time trying to attribute meanings to His actions.
All The Other Mandali Became Masts
None of the mandali had told Baba about the practical joke!
What Will Happen To The Universe
He would never forget, and I would feel amazed and ashamed.
He Was Not Frightened Of Us
Mani drew a moustache above her lip, put on her slacks, and got a stick.
Did The Fly Go Away?
There was general singing, and at the far end of the hall, one of the lovers opened his mouth to join in. As he did so, a fly got in.
Hula Hoop
I whirled away while I could.
I Was Not Responsible For My Actions
I don't know what came over me, but I guess I have a savage instinct.
This Is A Very Nice Kind Of Cradle
Baba laughed, and we all laughed.
He Then Revealed The Secret
Goher searched for it in different places in the room.
God's Biggest Joke!
Baba used to have one of us read jokes every afternoon, and someone asked why He liked jokes.
Only To Find Him Laughing
A friend of my brothers, good at singing funny songs, was also there.
It Must Be So!
Kumar promptly replied, "Because you wanted it that way."
A Mighty Joke to Me
Your various reactions to others seen in the context of your mutual connections in previous lives serves as a mighty joke to me and helps to ease my burden of suffering.
Whatever You Take Me To Be
Oh, I thought that was Meher Baba, but it's Frank Zappa!
What Is Life?
This knowledge is not achieved by reasoning; it is born of experience.
The Food Was Just To Our Taste
Here were the mandali paying so little in a cheap hotel and eating so well, and here were we with Baba paying so much and starving!
He Had A Lively Laugh
Some of the mandali overheard this remark, spoken softly in Hindi. When they told this to Baba, He had a lively laugh.
It Is A Divine Art To Look Always Cheerful
It is a divine quality. It helps others.
Not Afraid Of Hell
"I am waiting for you there," Baba quipped, and everyone laughed.
Accept Whatever I Give You
Katie burst out laughing at Baba's trick and her fright vanished.
Seeing That "Impossible" Situation Work Out
Since that day I have stopped planning ahead, financially speaking.
Expressing Your Love And Reverence
While joking with me outwardly, have reverence for me in your heart.
Proper Arrangement Had Been Made
Apparently in his eagerness to make the most suitable arrangements for Baba, Dr. Donkin had exaggerated and the hospital staff got the impression that Baba was in a serious condition.
Just Wait Until I Have My Pants On!
There were three of us and one stranger in the four-person compartment.
Merwan's Dome
Mani laughed and told us a funny story about the double meaning of the word dome.
His Eyes Sparkling With Amusement
Have you ever heard of a horse in a house?
The Full Measure Of His Love
A nurse asked one morning "Who is this Baba?"
Told Me By Norina
Among those she called on for this purpose was the great scientist Einstein.
Crossword Puzzles And Limericks
Mani Irani: The published results never seemed to agree with my very clever efforts (ahem).
Australia Versus America
Mehera put her hand over her mouth and whispered "What is that animal that jumps?"
Now He Regretted Doing So
Meherjee had purchased first-class tickets for Baba's comfort, but now he regretted doing so as the "comfort" turned into the severest discomfort imaginable.
Taj Mahal
You see, my trip to India was financed by my granny, but on the condition that I visit the Taj Mahal and tell her about it.
"'It's the horse,' we tried to say. 'It won't stop!' Baba wasn't looking at all pleased, and we were trying not to laugh."
Hang Me
So thereupon the Master and his disciple appeared to have an argument, each seeking the right to be hanged, until the King intrigued, intervened, 'Why are you both so anxious to be hanged?'
Baba And The Brothel
"Anyway, those people were also blessed by Baba's presence," Mehera observed.
Humour In The New Life
Somehow or other, he does not seem to understand my language. Will you please explain your instructions to him so that he will bear it in mind for the future?
Laurel And Hardy
After sitting in the dark for a few minutes Baba again nudged Eruch, 'Do you still want to wait or shall we go?'
Happy Valley And The Happiest Summit
Perhaps through such coincidences, Baba, using this humorous aspect of intimacy and dragging them to His feet through misadventure, is putting them on the "waiting list" of His next Advent.
To Protect His Quiet
The man was fully prepared to burst into Baba's room when I blocked his way and persuaded him to leave his package in the hall with me.
You Letter Was The Only One
It gave me such relief to find your deep love for me and your great concern for my time, my health, my eyesight, and my preoccupations.
Uncle Fish
I haven't yet got an undignified name from Baba, but no doubt it will come one day; at least I hope so.
Trimming Baba's Moustache
Mani said that Mehera would trim Baba's moustache, very, very carefully and gently.
Obedience To The Ruler Amongst Them
In case of refusal by the saint the messenger was instructed to quote the Koranic injunction: 'Obedience to God, obedience to the Prophet and obedience to the ruler amongst them.'
If He Wanted To Be Funny
Baba had a very fine sense of humour, but if He wanted to be funny or to tease someone He would have to point to the letters on the board.
It's Easy To Forget How Playful God Is
God's Creation is His playground — a place where we've come to live, learn, and grow closer to Him, all of which brings Him great joy.
Might Have Led To A Paroxysm Of Violence
Gustadji broke into a trot at once, but did so at the very instant that a small boy was coming towards him.
When Baba arrived from His work with the men mandali and saw Mummy seated in all her strange splendor, He laughed and laughed.
God Doesn't Cheat At Solitaire
Mind always wants to know what is beyond mind, and this is a great joke to such a one as Meher Baba
Chipattis A La Half Moon
The next day Fate, who like me did not seem to have enough to do, again gave me a chance to do the same thing, and again for this silly prank to be played unseen.
A Very Funny Trial, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
The pot rolled on the platform and whole of its milk flowed out.
The Butcher
He [Baba] asked them, "Do you know of anyone who is more compassionate than I am? I am the most compassionate one."
In Good Humor
If he [Sheriar] saw any poor person shivering in the cold, he would inevitably give away his own blanket to him.
Ahmednagar, Damn Bugger
Baba scratched his chin and pondered this for a moment. He looked a bit guilty and then admitted, "Yes, I really made a mistake...."
Shhh, Let's Go
"One day in Hyderabad, when Margaret was out of her room, Baba put his finger to his lips and said, 'Shhh, let's go.'"
"When Baba asked you to tell a joke," Mani noted, "it was no laughing matter."
Food Monster
"Dear," said Kitty on the phone, "I'm sorry if I said something wrong. I apologize ... Yes ... Yes, dear ... Yes."
The Ten Circles
Baba had explained that while a Perfect Master has a circle of twelve intimate disciples, the Avatar has ten circles of twelve disciples.
He Liked This Part Best
While sitting on the stage, they were so fascinated in seeing Norina dressed as Jesus Christ carrying the cross, they forgot their parts.
Meher Center Fisherman
As the bird flew by overhead, the local man drawled, "Wish I could get a fish that easy."
Board Around My Neck
I told them, "It is Baba's order that each one read the board." But because of the rush no one listened.
A Squirrel In Her Pocket
Baba asked the women this riddle in Gujarati: "One engine has two compartments. It is traveling to an unseen land. One compartment is empty, and in the other is God."
He Took Very Good Care Of It
He still had a single tooth left.
Murli's Circumcision
Murli passed by the racecourse at a time when rich and aristocratic Muslim women were riding horses for their morning exercise.
God And His Mother
Gaimai thought: "Baba wants me to do as Shireen says, so I'd better carry out her request."
The Eat & Run
Nothing was open in town, so finally we ended up at this fast-service food place.
Tiger On The Porch
He was no longer the Baba that I knew, but was a large tiger walking on His hind legs.
Cooking Pots On Their Heads
When it came time for my mother to meditate, Mani saw how serious my mother looked as she sat repeating God's Name, but Mani did not take her meditation seriously at all.
Khilnanis Rechristened Double Beans!
Coming in contact with Baba we realized that God was not just serious but He can be friendly and humorous as well.

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