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The Immediate Intuitions Of The Inner Life
Love is nothing if it is not spontaneous.
Different Degrees Of Intuitive Wisdom
As is true of the earthly career and its experiences, the states of hell and heaven in the life after death are also integral parts of and incidents in that journey of the individualized soul.
From Reason To Intuition
The intuition is not an emotion or psychic thing; it's not imagination; in some sense it's developing a higher contact with Reality than that which reason gives us.
Tuition And Intuition
Tuition is impressed from without, while intuition dawns from within.
Discrimination And Intuition
Everyday life must be guided by discrimination and inspired by the highest intuitions.
The Best Intuitions Of The Heart
The harnessing of occult forces is not to be regarded in any way as a substitute for the inner effort the aspirant must make to advance further.
I Couldn't Pry It Apart For Him With A Lever
It's not easy to show the A B C of spirituality to intellectual giants (even if we can have a mite of the infinite patience Baba has with us).
I Speak Eternally
The voice that is heard deep within the soul is My voice — the voice of inspiration, of intuition, of guidance.
The Religion Of Life
The Religion of Life is not fettered by mechanically repeated formulae of the unenlightened, purblind and limited intellect.
True Faith Is A Form Of Sight
In the Master, the aspirant sees his own ideal realized; the Master is what his own deeper self would rather be.
These Commandments Are Latent In Every Human Being
If we take the trouble to analyse ourselves, we will discover that awareness of His pleasure and displeasure is inherent in us.
First There Is Intuition
When it is from the mind, it is not intuition. Intuition means that which comes from the heart.
Yoga Of Truth
Intuition is a mental condition whereby man can understand the inner organic structure of his whole mind.
Some Thoughts On Inner Guidance
Most important, what are we going to do to rate His inner guidance?
Intuition Dawns From Within
Intuition has been buried under the piecemeal lesson of the assailing experiences of the false.

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