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The World Of The Astral
The spiritual Path begins only with the involution of consciousness when the soul begins to experience the first plane of the subtle world, and not when it just has access to the astral phenomena from the gross world.
Five Types Of Knowledge
Meher Baba divides all spiritually advanced souls into five basic types: God-merged (Perfect One), God-intoxicated, God-absorbed, God-communed and God-mad.
A Case Of Amnesia
In a similar fashion occurs the tragedy of the most advanced subtle-conscious human soul on the fourth place.
Divine Love Annihilates The Very Mind Itself
Eventually, divine love annihilates the very mind itself and then God, the divine Beloved, is realized.
The First Advent Of God As Love Personified
The Creation earnestly invoked Love for greater help, greater release, and deeper awakening.
Everything Pertaining To The Spiritual Is Paradoxical
We must become naked of selfhood by possessing nothing, so as to be absorbed in the infinity of God: thus nothing means Everything.
No Other Solution But To Love Me
So all states — even hell, limbo, worlds, planes — are all in you in human form.
Jeeva And Shiva
If the individual man remains embodied after Realization,
     he enters the state of Shiva, personifying the INFINITE MIND.
Freed From The Limiting Nightmare
The process of getting bound and then unbound is charged with immense significance.
Life Must Be Shed
Existence touches all, all things and all shadows. Nothing can ever touch Existence.
Learn By Un-learning
Before he can know Who he is, man has to un-learn the mass of illusory knowledge he has burdened himself with on the journey from unconsciousness to consciousness.
The Process Of Perception Of Reality
The soul sees first through the mind, then through the subtle eye, and lastly through the physical eye; and it is vaster than all it can perceive.
Communication Gaps
A thirsty man wants water. He no longer wants any description of it.
Much Different Than Seeing With Physical Eyes
The subtle and mental conscious human beings are unattached to anything gross (unimpressed) and thus are unaffected by events in the world.
Who Is The Seeker Here And Who Is The Sought?
His love does not look for merit; it is unconditional and waits only for an excuse to flow.
Fully Self-Conscious
As the aspirant advances towards the path he undergoes a significant change of direction that might be compared to a somersault. He is now more concerned with the inner realities of life than with their outward expression.

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