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Bhau Kalchuri

Oh Meher, look what Your friendship is doing to me!
It is making me an enemy of my self.

Oh friends, let me tell you what I am doing now.
I am losing my life in order to gain Life.

I am hard at work digging my own grave: people think me a fool.
But this grave will be full of life — loaded with effulgence.

I cannot deny there is constant pain in this life of love for the Beloved.
But I should accept as well that there is joy in that pain.

Oh Beloved, people wonder why You have brought into being this whole creation when it causes such headaches for You.
But, because You have brought forth the creation both You and Your creation are known.

Oh Beloved, what exquisite wine You are causing me to drink!
It is making me burn within and at the same time giving me new life.

Oh Bhau, you have collected so many attachments! Now you remain burdened with them.
Burn them up in the fire of His love so that you may live unburdened and free.

OCEAN WAVES, Vol 2, p. 116
2008 © Bhau Kalchuri


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