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Karma is of two kinds: that which binds and that which helps toward Emancipation and Self-realization.
— Meher Baba

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The Karma That Truly Counts
The karma that truly counts comes into existence after a person has developed a sense of distinction between good and bad.
Ivy O. Duce: Karma
A debate has been going on for centuries about whether we have free will.
The Law Of Karma
While he was walking towards the market place that day, a thought came to mind: I am getting older, and the world seems to be changing, there doesn't seem to be the same compassion and pity in people as previously.
Realize What I Want You To Know Now
Awake now and save yourself from further entanglement in the maze of delusion and self-created suffering, which is dependent upon your ignorance of the true goal.
Veil-Making Machine
Baba means to liberate us, so let us not inhibit his work by saying, "I can't do that now. I'm bound with all these things, and it's going to take ages to grow out of them."
People Have A Right To Be Asleep
There is a time for sleeping which is a major part of our millions of lives.
According To The Pattern Of His Heart
Before Karma is created, the individual has freedom to choose what it shall be, then Karma becomes a factor that cannot be ignored.
Lessons To Be Gained During Hard Times
There is a very close connection between a man's character and his circumstances, between his internal environment of thoughts and desires and his external social environment.
The Law Of Karma
The series of incarnations that the soul is impelled to take through Karmic determination has a tendency to become endless.
Meher Baba: Be Honest With Yourself
Honesty will guard you against false modesty and will give you the strength of true humility.
Rustom B. Falahati: Karma And Grace
Baba's grace is like the banker's love for his son. He would not insist on checking his son's account. Out of love for his son, he would want to help.
Sacrifice Is Sweet For A Good Cause
Some who have faith and believe in God lead a life without character and fail to make any spiritual progress; while there are others who do not even believe in God but lead such a noble life that they automatically come closer to God.
Failures And Disharmonies
All this struggle is an inevitable part of the long-drawn process of realizing the Truth.
What Is Destiny, Fate, Luck And Fortune?
Fate or Luck or Fortune is the means or process of spending the impressions the Soul gathers while passing through innumerable evolutionary stages, in other words, the Law of Karma.
Settling The Accounts
The human mind gathers ten million sanskaras in one second, or six hundred million in one minute, or three billion, six hundred million in one hour, so imagine how many trillions and zillions of sanskaras are collected in one human lifetime.
A Disguised Opportunity
There is no doubt that some of the immense spiritual possibilities are accessible through a married life, but all this depends upon having the right attitude.
Freeing Of Karmic Entanglements
If a person must get bound to someone, it is best for him to get bound to God or the Master, because this tie ultimately facilitates emancipation from all other Karmic ties.
What Is Wrong With The World Today
The urgent need of today to resuscitate religion, is to dig it out of its narrow, dark vault and let the spirit of man shine out once again in its pristine glory.
Becoming Master Of Destiny
Proper understanding and use of the law of karma enables man to become master of his own destiny through intelligent and wise action.
Moments And Lifetimes
In God Speaks Baba explains that each individual goes through 84 lakhs (8,400,000) of human lives.
The Binding Past
The past leaves its effect in the different spheres of existence and persists as a determinant factor which has to be reckoned with in the present.
Responsiveness Of Souls
The quick and unfailing responsiveness of souls is expressed in the law that hate begets hate, lust begets lust and love begets love.
Redemption From Karma
The incarnation of the Avatar does not take place unless it is precipitated by the five Perfect Masters of the cycle.

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