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Though the eye is small, the soul which sees through it is greater and vaster than all the things which it perceives. In fact, it is so great that it includes all objects, however large or numerous, within itself. For it is not so much that you are within the cosmos as that the cosmos is within you.

LIFE AT ITS BEST, Meher Baba, p. 43
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Transcending The Limitations Of Understanding
May you succeed in transcending the limitations of understanding and crossing into the domain of Real Knowledge.
Its Own Justification For Being
This is the unchallengeable Truth.
Knowledge And Imagination
For imagination to go, mind must go; and for knowledge to come, consciousness must remain.
One Then Actually Lives The Free Life Of God
Divine Swayambhu-Knowledge is Divine Knowledge of Power, Beauty and Bliss.
Try To Understand What Cannot Be Understood
In sound sleep, what do you experience? Nothing. That is you. Why?
You Yourselves Are The Way
As long as you remain separated from God and try to understand Him, He cannot be understood.
Without The Aid Of Any Description
Trying to express in words the essence of baba's philosophy of life and work is, I find, impossible.
Spiritual Paradox
In experience, what exists for us does not really exist; and what does not exist for us, really exists.
The Seven Folds Of The Veil
The veil that separates a man-in-ignorance from God Who is All Knowledge, is so subtle that even the highest and finest thought cannot pierce through it.
Understanding Of The One Infinite God
I give my love and blessings to one and all for the understanding of the One Infinite God residing equally within us and besides Whom everything else is false and illusory.
There Is Nothing To Gain Or Lose
One who can withstand both success and failure with equanimity is nearing a truer appreciation of both; and for one who goes beyond the extremes or opposites, the question of withstanding either does not arise.
Mind And Heart Working Together
Mind and heart working together is a beautifully flowing river, lovely to behold.
Vastness Of The Soul
It is not so much that you are within the cosmos as that the cosmos is within you.
Love God As He Ought To Be Loved
When in a flash real knowledge comes, we are not what we seem, but are that infinite one.
Do You Follow What Baba Is Saying?
I who am intellectually convinced and also have heart, I can see God and I can make others also see God.
The Established Divine Facts
The divinely Perfect Ones can bestow this Knowledge on any one they like and whenever they like.
The Answer Must Come From Within Your Own Self
Unless you question, you can never learn.
Admit Complete Bafflement
The greatest scientists themselves are becoming dismayed at the areas of knowledge still beyond them and appalled at what their discoveries may unleash.
Knower, Known And Knowledge Are All One
Any existence in which power is limited, knowledge imperfect or joy beclouded, is a product of false imagination and cannot satisfy the earnest seeker after God.
To Your Advantage
While conversing with his close disciples, Baba suddenly asked one of them, "What are you thinking?"
Kinds of Knowledge
One day in 1959, Meher Baba said to me, "There are two kinds of knowledge; knowledge gained through intelligence (using the mind) and hidden knowledge (not using the mind)."
Knowledge Through Experience
It is one thing merely to see the picture of a cow; quite a different thing to have a real cow and to drink its milk.
Sitting On A Heap Of Hoarded Treasure
The redemption of man from the self-imposed shackles of intellectual self-sufficiency, uncritically accepted ideals and a dry religious heritage is a task which is well nigh superhuman.
True Knowledge?
"Knowledge" is an ambiguous term in itself. Those who have apparently arrived at that one solid-rock state and have given us some description of it, all insist that it has nothing to do with mental or reasoned processes. Nor is it a collection of external observations codified and harmonized into a body of consistent facts.
Light And Darkness
God is the real, Infinite Light, and the infinite, subtle gas is real, Infinite Darkness.
The Difference Between Creation And Realization
In brief, then, the Infinite Intelligence produces the universe through Its Infinite Thinking, realizes the universe through Its false thinking, and realizes Itself through Its Real Thinking.
The Idea Of Equality
The balance between the "I" and the "you" is constantly disturbed by the predominance of a superiority or inferiority complex. The idea of equality arises to restore this lost balance.
Falsehood Betrays Itself
Falsehood betrays itself, and in doing so leads man on to know the truth.
If The Future Is Being Inadvertently Probed By Man
So really speaking, nothing has happened and nothing will ever happen.
The Difference Between The Soul And The Spirit
The soul is absolutely detached from everything, but that aspect of the soul that comes in contact with our mental, subtle and physical bodies is called the spirit.
He Went From Door To Door
In the chart "The Ten States of God" by Meher Baba, it is made clear that it is God alone who plays the different roles, real and imaginary.
Fresh Vision Of Truth
It is time that men had a fresh vision of the truth that all life is one and that God is the only thing which is real and that matters.
Turning Point In Its Spiritual History
It is now high time for humanity to face squarely the true causes of the catastrophe which has overtaken it.
What Is Meant By "Spirit"?
The soul always remains the same; it is only the spirit which reincarnates and takes successive possession of bodies.
Esoteric Facts Given Out By Baba, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 of 4
There are always five Perfect Masters (Qutubs or Sadgurus) who are the leading lights of the saintly hierarchy which governs the world.
Becoming Established In The First Stage
During this first phase the aspirant is disengaging himself from enmeshment in the material realm of action, and ascending to the realm of energy.
The Creator, The Preserver And The Destroyer
In the eternity of reality there is absolutely no such thing as creation, preservation or destruction, neither is there space, nor is there any scope for relativity.
Spiritual Infinity
Spiritual infinity is not a result of imaginative additions of the false: it is the reality itself which comes to be perceived, when false imagination is at rest.
That Quote Of Muhammad's I Like To Say
Do you know that quote of Muhammad's I like to say, are you familiar with it? "Harmony is the imprint of oneness upon multiplicity."
Truth Unfolds Itself To Those Who Seek Fearlessly
Although direct knowledge of truth requires considerable spiritual perception, nevertheless even correct intellectual understanding of the relationships of one’s life to other forms and spheres of existence plays an important part in restoring mankind to a healthy outlook.
The Universe Is The Outcome Of Imagination
To realize the Supreme Being as your own Self is to realize truth.
The Seven Realities Of Meher Baba's Teaching
The Flash From The Eternal
The redeeming act of a Perfect Master is a flash of the Eternal in the midst of what is otherwise nothing but rigidly determined causation.
Learn To Read Me
Baba said, "Learn to read me then you will understand everything."
Beyond All Words And Formulations
Man has a tendency to cling to catchwords and to allow his actions to be determined by them almost mechanically without bringing his actions into direct relation with the living perception that these words embody.
The Psychogenetic Point Of View
On the one hand there are mental processes which constitute essential ingredients of human experience, and on the other hand there are things and objects to which they refer.
The Infinite Cannot Be The Second Part Of The Finite
The Infinite belongs to the non-dual order of being.
There Is No Barrier Between The Lover And The Beloved
The fact remains that man has become God and man can become God for the simple reason that, knowingly or unknowingly, man is God.
The Avatar works out the ways to set individuals free from the gross world, the subtle world and the mental world.
Sinking In Sand, Floating In Air, Established On A Firm Foundation
Those who are comfortable in the world seek even more comfort and there is no end to this seeking to further solidify one's position. But the only way to achieve permanent stability is to not depend on worldly security.
Imparting Of Knowledge
Knowledge is imparted in two ways — indirectly and directly.
To Know Everything In A Flash
The nature of the infinitely complicated phenomenon — the Universe — is infinitely simple.
To Be Nothing
'To be nothing' means Truth. When your 'being' is not, you are God.
It Can Be So At Every Moment
If Truth were to be confined only to the future and not to the past or the present, it would not be infinite.

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