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If anything ever touches My universal heart it is love. I have crossed the limited earthly oceans to bring to you all the limitless and shoreless Divine Ocean of Love.

Those who do not dare to love Me seek safety on the shores. You who have been loving Me are swimming in this Divine Ocean.

Love Me more and more till you get drowned in Me. Dive deep and you will gain the priceless pearl of Infinite Oneness.

— Meher Baba

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The Law Which Governs All Other Laws Of Nature
I have come to receive your love and to give you mine.
All Else But God Is Illusion
He who loves God becomes God.
How To Love God
To love God as He ought to be loved, we must live for God and die for God, knowing that the goal of life is to Love God, and find Him as our own self.
Love And God-Love
To realize God, we must love Him, losing ourselves in His Infinite Self.
Gifts Of Love
Love is a gift from God to man.
The Flow And Spirit Of Love
Pure love is matchless in majesty, it has no parallel in power and there is no darkness it cannot dispel.
The Gift of Understanding
The gift of understanding is more precious than any other attribute of love.
You Stick To Me, But I Hold You To Me
For isn't it perpetually amazing why Baba cares for us and gives us so much of His love, we whom Baba sometimes refers to as "pearls" and at other times as "secondhand furniture"...?
The Stages Of Love
Out of millions, only one loves God; and out of millions of lovers, only one succeeds in obeying, and finally, in surrendering his whole being to God the Beloved.
Different Helpmates In Disguise
This supreme state of love is the God-state, for what is God but love?
The Touch Of Love
The child continued in his quest and next refused to have dinner unless the father relented and took him to see Baba.
The Meaning Of Love
Only love for God works the miracle, because love is beyond mind and reason.
The Lake Of Love
So for every defect, every weakness that persists, you need not bother; it is being washed off.
This Is Why God Loves Most The So-Called Destitute And Helpless
The greater the helplessness, the greater can and should be the dependence upon God for His help, which is ever more ready than are the sincere and earnest wishes for it.
Have Hope
I have come to help you in surrendering yourselves to the cause of God and in accepting His Grace of Love and Truth.
Transcend The Dominion Of Intellect
It is love that makes one transcend the dominion of intellect and gain the state of complete self-annihilation.
How Will You Remember Me?
That's how you fall in love with Me. But how can you do that?
Humiliation — A Blessing In Disguise
Baba then embraced the man very lovingly and said, "How blessed you are that you were going for My darshan and were humiliated."
Some Other Day
Bal Natu: It is through Your form that I love You. The Beyond state is Your business!
Unchallengeable Equanimity
True spirituality requires the real love for God.
Let That Only Be LOVE
And if, in gaining an iota of understanding we lose an atom of love, what a great loss is ours!
Love And Devotion
Love gives. Devotion asks.
Inherently Beyond One's Control
Love for a Perfect Master, however deep and devotional it may be, does not necessarily affect the original nature of a person.
Homage To The Flame Of Sacred Love
Heading the list of eighty-seven men and thirty-seven women were Baba's father and mother.
My Message
My message is, love God to such an extent that you become God.
Those Who Are Trying To Help You
Love and understanding never condemn, but seek to help and encourage.
What Is Love?
There are degrees of love in Divine Love.
All Three Can Be Summed Up In One Phrase — Love Divine
The three most important things on the path of God-realization are love, obedience and surrender.
Illusion Has Come Into Being For A Significant Purpose
It is love that gives meaning and value to all the happenings in the world of duality.
The Goal Can Surely Be Reached
It goes without saying that the divine love is the only true aspect of love.
Fuller And Freer Expression Of Love
Ultimately the lover disappears and merges in the divine Beloved to realize the unity of the lover and the Beloved in the supreme and eternal fact of God as infinite Love.
Easy Entry Into The Domain Of Pure Love
Love begets love; it cannot be awakened by any mechanical means.
A Silent Bright Burning
Love is the gift of God to man and cannot be had for the asking — one can only wait for it, and not measure the duration of the waiting by our own time.
The Unerring Guide Of Love
All other qualities which are essential for the aspirants of the Highest can and must come to them if they faithfully follow the whispers of the unerring guide of love.
Your Best Friend
If you truly take Me as a friend then take Me as your best Friend.
Thus Man Becomes God
The quality which determines one's capacity for love is not one's wit or wisdom, but one's readiness to lay down life itself for the beloved, and yet remain alive.
A Love Beyond Our Comprehension
A deeper love than we had ever known was kindled in our hearts.
Perfect Knowledge Of Divine Love
How does Meher Baba want you to express your love? In selfless service done cheerfully and happily. This is His first and last order.
This Treasure Of Divine Love
In proportion to the love that may be awakened in you, there will be moments when you will hate me also.
Eventually It Transforms Everyone
Humanity will attain a new mode of being and life through the free and unhampered interplay of pure love from heart to heart.
The Great Gift — The Bestowal Of My Love
This is the best beginning — the determination to be ready to receive the Master's grace.
The Alchemy Of His Love
In later years the man would say: Did I, who could not evoke love in my own mother, deserve such love?
He Is A Form Of Your Own Self
Love is the antidote to hatred.
Meher Baba's Love Embrace
The ocean of Meher Baba's Love cleanses all impurities poured into it by an act of prayer, service, sacrifice and loving surrender to Him.
The Real Gift
The real gift of love bestowed on man comes from God alone, and remembrance is absent in both the One who gives and the one who receives.
The Real Gift
As long as the lover does not forget the Gift of Love he is not happy, in spite of the Eternal Love of God on all alike.
Love Unadulterated
Thought of self is always absent in the different acts of loving connected with the various stages of pure, real love.
The Process Of Attraction And Repulsion
The esoteric fact which I want you to remember is that the Beloved (God) is more keen and eager to realize the lower (man) than the latter's anxiety and longing for such a union."
Love For God
One should become lost in longing for "possessing" God, the Beloved.
Because Of The Tears Of Her Beloved
Baba himself then called on her and told her, "Love of this caliber makes me cry," and he wept.
Consuming All In Its Flame
Love Me more and that will take care of everything, consuming all in its flame, till nothing but Love Divine remains.
What You Already Are!
When longing is most intense separation is complete, and the purpose of separation, which was that Love might experience itself as Lover and Beloved, is fulfilled; and union follows.
Aflame With His Love
When we wake Him up in our hearts by loving Him very much then His experience, which is that of the Ocean of Love, will be our destiny.
Love And Its Expressions
I love nothing more than love and its expressions, even if repeated millions of times.
The Stream Of Love
The stream of love can never become clear and steady until it is disentangled from these limiting and perverting forms of lower love.
In Love There Is Tranquility
To have loved someone is like adding another life to your own.
Love Is Pure As God
Love me in any way you like, but love me. It is all the same.
I And My Love Will Never Leave You
I am always with you.
He Does Not Want Anything
He feels satisfied in pleasing the Beloved under all circumstances. Only that can be called Real Love.
To Become One With Him
It is only the love for God, Divine Love, that enables one to find Him, to feel Him and to become one with Him.
I Believe! I Believe!
But to digress for a moment, there seems to be a difference between East and West in their conception of love.
An Ocean Of Divine Love
Love is all pervading in the universe but the types of love differ.
Hold Fast
Under all circumstances hold fast to my undying love and you will live in me forever.
Love and Misery
The source of Eternal Bliss is the Self in all, and the cause of perpetual misery is the selfishness of all.
Where There Is Love There Is Oneness
There can be no question of any particular religion or caste or system, superiority or inferiority, and touchability or untouchability.
From "The Man Of Love"
And all the while he radiated such a pure affection that one wondered why, when all religions praise the value of pure love, it should be a memorable experience to meet one man who practised it.
Find Real Beauty
The great initiator of the Truth of your being is Divine Love — Love that burns the limiting self, that disarms all fears, that rises above temptations, that is deaf to the voices of lust and jealousy, that expresses the infinite spiritual potential.
We Are In God
Only the heart can approach the threshold of the Beloved. Therefore, even the poorest of beings and the most illiterate can all find God within their selves through love.
God Tests You
O Lover, beware, God tests you by being cruel, by giving you false hopes, even by cutting you to pieces.
Follow Love
Meher Baba has declared: "The highest state cannot be explained or expressed in words; thought cannot grasp it; the mind cannot know it."
Unconditional Love
The time has now come when the Beloved issues a direct challenge to all lovers to prove to the world at large that pure love for the Beloved expects nothing in return, while it continues to consume the self in the lover to fullfil the Divine Love of the Beloved.
Fire Of Divine Love
The Master is the Divine Beloved, and when the disciple meets his Master, all that he has to do is to love him; for if the disciple loves the Master out of the fullness of his heart, his final union with him is assured.
No Game For The Weak And Fainthearted
To love the world and serve it in the ways of the Masters is no game for the weak and fainthearted.
Do You Love Me?
Why does the God-Man take birth? He comes to love His creation and to accept the love of His creation.
A Challenge And An Open Invitation
Baba's compassionate appeal, "Love Me", also implies that if one honestly wishes to love Him, He will definitely help.
Tears Like Pearls
Those that roll down the cheeks are the hot tears of self-pity, but the tears of Love for God are cool and are retained in the eyes.
Unceasing Manifestation Of Divine Love
If there is lack of happiness or beauty or goodness in those by whom the Master is surrounded, these very things become for him the opportunity to shower his divine love on them.
To Fall In Love With Our Adored Beloved
And what does this Love do? It ignites the Divine or Love-Spark hidden in us, blasting it into flame.
Love Is Living Feeling
And when it really takes hold of you and you develop a longing for more and more, you're going to burn inside.
Until Our Cup Is Full
It is this Love that gives us that calm, that poise, and the feeling of absolutely belonging not only to God, but to our Self.
Where God And His Laws Are Concerned
But to realize this natural equality permanently one has to submit to the greatest law of God, which is Love.
The Gateway, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Meher Baba appreciates deeply the helplessness of man and He comes as God in human form to express His Love for mankind, for Meher Baba has Love in measureless abundance.
The Tabernacle Of Love
The sacrifice of love is so complete and ungrudging that it has all to give and nothing to expect.
Perform Acts Of Love For Our Beloved
An act of true love is that which is performed by a lover for his or her Beloved who is the personification of God.
The Most Important Relationship
Mundane love is an interplay between two centers of God-unconscious; but the love implied in discipleship is the love of God-unconscious for God-conscious.
You Can Only Be Bound To Baba With Love
A binding in which we give because we long to give, in which we receive because He is always giving.
Divine Love And The Purpose Of Life
Divine Love is the solution to all our difficulties and problems.
Why Would God Become Callous Toward His Lovers?
He gives us as much as we can hold, but if he gave us more, we would explode like balloons.
Doorway To The Infinite
By loving him personally, we come to love him in an unlimited sense.
Love Gives The Knowledge Of God
The Avatar has given a flame of his love to each individual — some have burned, some are still burning and some have only to begin to burn.
You Can Love God
The heart full of love can understand the un-understandable.
Love, The Mainspring Of Our Lives
Baba also commented at length [May 31, 1932] on love and its portrayal in motion pictures.
The New Humanity Will Come Into Existence
The New Humanity will come into existence through a release of love in measureless abundance.
Increasingly Deeper Understanding Of True Love
The aspirant, who has tasted of a deeper love, knows the hidden possibilities in every soul, and his suffering is acute.
Those Who Cleanse Their Hearts
Have love and you will conquer the limited self of cravings that veil your own true being as God.
Divine Love Is Given And Not Created
It is the real side of religion and the only element which reveals or unfolds the emotionality of the spiritual path.
The Authority Of Our Hearts
Only when He takes up active, awakened residence in our hearts does He become the Authority of our hearts.
Love Me More And More
Love makes the formless and infinite become enformed and finite as the God-man among men.
Love For Me Expects Much More Than This, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Had I been in your place, I would not have been able to love Myself as I ought to be loved.
Loving Message To Your Beloved Master
Those who are united in Love and feel so deeply as you do need no words to explain.
Love Can Make You:
Not remember the past, forget the present, and not think of the future.
Forgiveness Follows Love
Without love none can cultivate the noble habit of forgetting and forgiving.
Life Circular No. 12
When we love God in His own Infinite Self and in all other selves except our own self, in the end we find that all the time we have been loving our own self.
Pure Love Makes One Understand
Baba then urged, "Love me, follow me and serve me!"
I Have Come To Receive Your Love
I often say that I want your love. I mean it, because that is all that I want from you.
Love Can Attain
Love can attain what the intellect cannot fathom.
True Love
True love is no game of the faint-hearted and the weak; it is born of strength and understanding.
To Him Whom Time And Space Have No Consideration
To Him whom time and space have no consideration, all those who send out their loving thoughts and hearts are always close to [His] heart.
To Write About It Or Explain It
I could not have anticipated the indescribable wonder of meeting him face to face in 1934: the unutterable sweetness and unearthly spiritual fulfillment of his Divine Love.
Three Types Of Lovers Of God
The third type, which is the highest, is very rare.
Love Is Real Intelligence
Love is real intelligence capable of realizing truth; intellect is best suited to know all about duality, which is born of ignorance and is entirely ignorance.
Fruitfulness On The Avataric Path
I have descended to your level for the one purpose of bestowing my love on you so that you may love God and become God.
The Cry Of Our Heart
We can say we want love, but it is not what we say that Baba listens to, but what our heart cries out.
Love For The Master As The Way Of Attainment
Concluding, Baba added: "Love is the very essence of Godhood."
Love Of This Calibre
He (Baba) said to her with such Love and Compassion that only He can project: 'Your love for Me is truly blessed. Love of this calibre makes Me weep.'
So Let Us Love
Love Me and let God love us. That is what I want.
Majnun And Leila
The Master called him, saying: "If you had tried to love God as intensely as you love Leila, you would have seen Him everywhere, in everything."
What Is Love?
"Your life is worth living now, for My Love. I do know, even if you do not. Remember, Love is above all and always triumphs."
Devotion Burns The Beloved
Love burns the lover. Devotion burns the Beloved.
Not Rules At All
Baba has not come to lay down a set of rules for people. He has come to awaken love in their hearts so that they want to obey the rules that are inherent in their hearts.
How Lucky You Are
Although I am a sinner, I am very lucky, And although I am poor, I don't mind being poor, Please have mercy on this poor beggar, So that I may one day become one with you in your love
The Real And The False
When love is fully experienced, the source of spiritual science, which is God, is realized and all else is then discovered to be illusory.
Make Me Your Friend
And the name of My reward is LOVE.
How Easy To Reach Him!
He had taken his leave of us, but we stayed outside the gate looking after him with deep feelings of love and longing.
May You Never Forget Me
Hiralal replied, "Baba, I don't know what to ask for. My mind is all confused."
Food For The Lion Of Love
My lovers may be likened to one who is fond of lions and admires them so much that he keeps a lion in his own home.
She was a very honest type of woman and, not wishing in any way to deceive Baba, she came into Baba's beautiful presence and burst out nervously, "I am an Episcopalian."
The Sweetest Flower
Love can be blind, selfish, greedy, ignorant, but love with understanding can be none of these things.
Love For The Sake Of Love
I now wish to be outwardly what I always am inwardly: living solely in love, for love and with love.
During one of these morning calls, Mummy was seated in the kitchen working when Baba came in and watched her, then said, "You are beautiful."
Be Firm As A Rock
You must become saturated with love!"
Aware Only Of Love
The fire of love is very terrible indeed, and masts present a challenge to God, the Beloved, of this terrible fire of love.
Leave It To Him
Surely when your heart is full of His Love it always overflows, and if you don't allow it to overflow but try to seal it within, then it has a good chance of bursting.
Love's Call
I was overjoyed. Baba's Beauty, the sweetness of his love, which could not be expressed in words — the joy, the sparkling wonder of his Being!
Don't Worry; I Love You
Do you know how St. Francis of Assisi loved Jesus and became one with him?
My Answer Will Reach Your Heart
Baba does not need any words to reach the hearts of His lovers.

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