Symbols of the world's religions

Love lifts a man up, while passion or lust drags him down below.

— Meher Baba

THE GOD SEEKER, p. 59, Minoo Kharas
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Lust Is The Greatest Obstacle
Compare the love between a child and his mother.
No Real Power
He said that a ghost is an earth-bound spirit who has usually desires of lust to work off, and who tries to fulfill them through others.
I Am Giving You A Master Key
He who always loves is in me, but he who always engages in lust keeps away from me.
Beauty can never be enjoyed without rooting out the dirt.
The Beginning Of A Long Process
Even in the lowest lustful life in the gross sphere, God is experiencing Himself as a lover.
The Threshold Of Goodhood
The outside walls of the temple have carvings of men and women indulging in the act of sexual intercourse.

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