Symbols of the world's religions

He who knows everything
displaces nothing.
To each one I appear to be
what he thinks I am.

— Meher Baba

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Concentration Upon One Master
Exclusive concentration upon one Master is usually indispensable for gathering up the psychic energy of the disciple.
For Want Of Complete Surrender
When the Master gives Knowledge to certain individuals and does not give it to all, that is not because of the Master's incapacity to give to all, but because of the incapacity of one and all to receive Knowledge.
Establishing Our Link With Him
Meher Baba is only attracted by our pure love and nothing else.
Alternatives To Our Destiny
Baba gives us alternatives to our destiny that can cut short our suffering if we will only obey Him.
Put It Into Practice Whole-Heartedly
I have already told you that love for God and obedience to a master are beyond the reach of man on his own, and that complete surrender is almost impossible for him.
I say with Divine Authority, "Love me and your worries will vanish."
Try To Hang On
If six cobras came into this room suddenly from out there, would you just sit still here with me?
A Supremely Imperative Claim
Though one Master is not greater than another, the disciple must, for his own purposes, place the claim of his own Master over and above the claims of other Masters
Lay Them At My Feet And Be Free!
The umbrella prevents you from receiving rays of light for the Guru.
One Has To Pay The Full Price
Love entails pain — the pain of the pangs and thirst of separation while constantly burning.
He Is With Each One At All Times
He says, "I am in each heart but I am sleeping there. It is my old, old habit. In order to waken me you should always call out to me, saying 'Baba, Baba, Baba' continuously.
Avatar Meher Baba's Last Warning
Beware of them who exploit spirituality to gain their selfish ends and dupe others in the name of Sadgurus and the Avatar.
What Can I Place At Your Lotus Feet?
Give Me what is not Mine!
I Am The Way And I Am The Goal
When My Will becomes your way, you are truly following Me, and then you are safe and you are saved.
Truth Cannot Speak A Lie
If you had this conviction you would have felt cold because I said that it was cold.
I Shall Never Fail You
It is true, I use the circumstances of everyday life to liberate my devotees, but I use them in a way that is beyond the comprehension of the intellect.
Constructing A Channel Between Master And Aspirant
The help of the Master goes out not only to those who are in his physical presence but also to others who establish mental contact with him.
He Has To Give A Hard Blow
Of course, He always forgives — even ten times — but what He means is that the third time He has to give a hard blow, like the blacksmith, and it is difficult to bear.
You Will Be Saved By Remembering Me
But before inanimate objects, during any serious mishap or accident — such as a car crash or train wreck — you will be saved by remembering me with full faith from the bottom of your heart.
Pulled By His Destiny
Pascal, pulled by his destiny, could not follow Baba's order; he did not realize it would have changed the course of his life.
He Did What Baba Told Him
So he did what Baba told him and it became so effective that it has become his whole way of life — nothing else but Meher Baba.
The True Hero
Once in a long while there comes the true hero, the giant in Love that can gulp the Ocean itself!
Worldly And Heavenly Justice
When a guilty one is brought before Me, I establish his guilt and then I forgive him.
I Will Free You From All Bindings
Baba stated, "The ocean absorbs within itself heaps of sandalwood or refuse, good things or bad, as it is unlimited."
Realize Who He Really Is
Only those fortunate ones who have this grace given to them by the Master can know his true greatness and realize who he really is.
Three Types Of Seekers
Life after life, evolution of the illusory want goes on, until one gets fed up and wants nothing.
Relax In His Will
Is it very difficult to be with a Perfect Master? Well frankly it is not really easy
The Real Doing
The Master explained: "What you understand as 'doing' is in fact undoing.
No Cause For Offense
In the Dehra Dun group, discord had arisen in some families about the manner in which certain family members were loving and worshipping Baba.
No Room For Even A Shadow
The Master is the very source of purity, and to set one's heart on the Master is the beginning of self-purification.
Baba Is Fire
When you feel hungry/ And cook on the fire,/ It gives you your food/ For which you aspire.
Conflict Between The Claims Of The Master And Other Claims
The Master is supremely impersonal. His only concern is to remove the veils between the consciousness of the disciple and his Higher Self.
Helpful Contacts
Just as the Master may isolate a close disciple from undesirable contacts and connections, he may encourage and bring about new and fresh contacts.
Absolute Trust In Another
This is the challenge which frightens people not only with Baba but to a degree with all religious personages, faiths and movements.
Man Has To Be Independent In His Love For God
Once your relationship is established with Meher Baba, look upon me as an ordinary man just as you are.
Truth Personified
Meher Baba is not a sage. He is Truth Personified; He does not speak about the Truth, but from it.
Spiritual Disorders
Each time the aspirant goes to the Master it is with fresh spiritual problems.
Universal Mind Of The Master
The link with the world is in danger of being snapped altogether.
While Others Smile Condescendingly, Meher Baba Accommodates
Meher Baba accommodates and humours people knowingly thereby affording glimpses of his deep understanding of the psychological make-up of man.
Above All Other Loves
The Master thus has unquestioned supremacy among the claims recognised by the aspirant.
A Steady And Directed Life
One of the oddities of today is that many people, because of the chaos in the world, seem to think that the best thing about having a Master is that this will bring them peace.
Supreme Claim Of One's Master
Exclusive concentration upon one Master is therefore usually indispensable for the gathering up of the dispersed mental energy of the disciple.
Natural Day To Day Incidents To Bring Up Jealousy
His remarks and gentle taunts were causing outbursts of tears.
The Awakening Of Spiritual Longing Has Its Counterpart
It is through his own past unbinding Karma that a person invites the grace of the Master.
Initiation Of A Disciple By The Master
I know of no such initiation.... In fact no such external ceremony is ever indulged in by Perfect Masters of all times.... With Perfect Masters (Kamileen) the question of Piri-Muridi never arises at all.
The Living Link With The Master
To love the Master is to love all, not merely symbolically but actually.
The Master Guide
With the help of the spiritual guide they made their descent to the realm of the unconscious — the sea — in safety; but their return journey to balanced integrated consciousness was fraught with hazards and danger spots.
I Will Free You From All Bindings
I am like an engine, and those who remain attached to me reach their destination, whether they be virtuous or vicious.

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