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Persistence Of Previous Characteristics
Now why does one mast become a jalali, another a jamali, another a mahbubi, and so forth?
He Is Quite Indifferent To It
When the mind does not pay attention to the body, the body, naturally, automatically survives and looks after itself.
Meher Baba's Trip To Allahabad To Touch 7,000 Sadhus
We again realized how Baba really feels so happy in the company of the masts.
God-Mad, God-Intoxicated, God-Merged
In these three types also, greed, anger, avarice and lust do not exist.
Fools Of God
Just before returning to the bus, extraordinary greetings or signals went on between Baba and this mendicant.
Those Who Bear Witness
Nadir Ali Shah, spiritual chargeman of Quetta, March 1941: He refused to come for Baba's contact saying, "My boat will be drowned in that Ocean."
The Divine Art Of Smelling Masts
To differentiate between the ordinary mad and advanced masts on the planes cannot be determined by the intellectual mind, because outwardly both look similar.
Baba Would Emerge With Face Pale And Tired
The consummation of Baidul's work was, without a doubt, the almost miraculous accomplishment of bringing Chacha all the way from Ajmer to Satara in June 1947.
Like The Perfume Of Flowers
In fact, Baba had us go near him one rather bitter-cold day and we could actually see he was not cold -- his warmth was coming from within.
Spiritual Contacts In Person
Baba explained to us that he was a mast and the spiritual chargeman of Jaipur.
God's Wrath Made Manifest
Perhaps this is an example of God's wrath made manifest through the utterance of one of His children, a powerful jalali mast.
As A Mirror Reflects The Sun
We in our normal consciousness saw only the gleam of his reflection, yet the transformation in him was so apparent and beautiful that it made a response in our hearts.
Out Of Very Many Only One Gets It!
Dhondibua, the mast, when given anything for his material needs, would refuse it saying, "I cannot bear comfort!"
Divine Recognition
Although Meher Baba did not always avoid contact with masts who recognized Him, as a general rule He preferred not to meet them.
Lines And Figures On Baba's Back
During the walk with Baba, the mast was in a state of ecstasy, weeping and chanting the entire time.
Krishna Mast
This is the story of Krishna Mast, who lost all consciousness of the world in search for his Lord and eventually found Him.
Bangalore Ashram
The masts — who must be given everything they ask, as soon as they ask for it — do not make the work any easier.
Chatti Baba
He would sit in any place where loose earth was to be found, and raising cupped hands laden with soil, would release it over his head.
Phulwala was a typical jalali mast of the sixth plane. Baba once said in admiration of him, "Look at Phulwala, with one slap he could raise you in an instant to the sixth plane."
Mast Phulwala
Baba says he is very advanced, between the fifth and sixth planes, in which state when in ecstasy their limbs separate from the body, and this is why they sleep in the forest.
Mohammed was and is a mast in all essential particulars, with this remarkable exception of his having got between one plane and another.
Mohammed the Mast after 63 Years
Having just woken from sleep, he stood up to tie on the red piece of cloth he used as underwear. When he finished tying on his underwear, he told us, he became a deva.
Everyone else used to steer clear of this pole, which gave an unpleasant electric shock, but Chinnaswami would hug the pole with both hands and dance round it as if he were having no end of a time.
Chacha was living in the squalid and verminous little hovel near Khwaja Saheb's shrine, and was never known to move from it.
Ali Shah
Despite his passion for cigarettes, his blandness, his docility, and his superficially doll-like appearance, he possesses an utterly disarming and childlike quality of simplicity.
A Heart That Is Alive To Love Never Dies
Eric Nadel's tribute to Mohammed the Mast, June 29, 2003.
A Christian Mast-Saint
Baba indicated to the mandali, "For my work, it is necessary for him to open his eyes for a moment; otherwise, contact cannot be made."
Meher Baba Reached Niranjanpur
Every precaution was taken to keep Baba's activities a guarded secret from all His disciples and devotees in the East and in the West.
The Average Man Gives The Appearance Of Balance
During the process of transcending the mind, the mental make-up of the mast is subjected to so much disturbance and upheaval, that he is unable to use his mind in the ordinary way.
Agents And Masts
Meher Baba was aided in his universal work by those he called his "agents" .... masts also play a key role in the universal work of the Avatar.
Only Love Can Reach Them
The men Baba calls masts are not defective in the physiological sense though psychically unbalanced.
Letter To Mandali On Mohammad Mast
Mohammed has again gone into one of his moods of abstaining from everything that sustains the body.
A Mast Is God Playing A Child
Most of them were very responsive in sharing the spiritual work, while some vigorously repulsed any overtures.
Chacha — Nur Ali Shah Pathan: Part 1, Part 2
Chacha was living in the squalid and verminous little hovel near Khwaja Saheb's shrine, and was never known to move from it.
They Live In, With And For God
On several occasions, He explained that he enlisted the cooperation of masts in His work of giving a spiritual push to humanity.
In The Divine Madness Of Masts
In the divine madness of masts, the advancing urge to realize the Highest brings about a complete shattering of the mental structure, and of all its normal tendencies and capacities.
The Work With Masts Was "The Must" In Meher Baba's Life
With ease of manner and the gentle love that was evident in Him, He carried on His divine work as an ordained mission that none can take over until the Avatar again becomes enformed.
The Spiritual Chargeman Of Bombay
As soon as Baba approached to within a few yard of Umar Baba, the mast arose.
The Mad Ashram — A Plan Peculiarly His Own, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
The Mad Ashram at Meherabad has very little in common with institutions of its kind in the world.
My Work Is Solid
Mastan was the first mast (God-intoxicated person) to stay at Meherabad and had been kept there by Baba since 1925.
The Real Helpers Behind The God-Intoxicated Masts
The paramount characteristic of these great souls of the Mental Sphere is that they are the real helpers behind the God-intoxicated masts who are so lost in God as to have next to no consciousness left of their gross existence.
Chatti Baba's Peculiar Habit
During the bath Baba gestured to me to ask Chatti Baba whether he felt cold — I asked him and he replied, "Cold? I'm on fire. I am burning up!"
Excerpt From Meher Baba And His Mad-Masts
The advancing urge to realize the highest brings about the shattering of the given mental structure with all its normal tendencies and corresponding capacities.
Meher Baba's Help To His Mad-Masts
When these persons receive the right sort of help from a Perfect Master they emerge into a supranormal state of perfect integration and harmony.
Ali Asghar
His final touch was to slap Baba on the back, as pal might pal, and say to him gently, "Now you can go."
Mysterious Flight
Even in the initial stages, those who are on the path of masts get intoxicated by glimpses of God as the Beloved.
Four Masts
Beloved Baba would sit with a bucket of water and a mug and pour water over Chatti Baba's feet and wash them, continuing to do so until Chatti Baba looked into His eyes.
Love Pervades Him From Head To Foot
Though exposed to the rigours of heat, cold and rain through all the seasons, his body remains healthy, well-fleshed and strong.
For The Good Of All Life On Earth
The principal contribution of masts to humanity is their matchless utility for the immediate betterment and the ultimate salvation of the world.
The Truly Dead
They are truly the "Living Dead," for they are dead to the world, and yet to themselves are alive for all time.
For God's Sake Allow Us All To Go
Baidul makes a fuss of Amanullah and does his best to persuade him to let them all go. After some minutes Amanullah gives way.
Russian, Chinese And Indian Masts
Masts in India are original "office workers" spiritually; those in Europe are agents, who draw spiritual force from Indian masts.
Peculiar Traits Of Saints And Masts
They have no other desire but of God, whose Divinity they have seen on the different stages of their progress. And they are dazed.
Degrees Of Madness
Confusion between the abnormal and the supernormal states of consciousness arises due to mixing up two ways of interpreting and measuring madness and its degrees.
The Mast's Bouquet
Baba was driven to Mahim, where he hoped to recontact Ali Asghar, the advanced mast whose brothers and sisters were likewise all masts and mastanis.
The Grace Of Mohammed
Kumar and Vishnu were standing outside and witnessed a spectacular occurrence.
Moti And Mohammed
At one time, Mohammed the mast was living in a room on the opposite side of the compound from the women's quarters, and there Baba would go and spend time with him.

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