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This New Life will live by itself eternally,
even if there is no one to live it.

— Meher Baba

THE GOD-MAN, C. B. Purdom, p. 187
1971 © Meher Spiritual Center, Inc.


The New Life Quote
This New Life will live by itself eternally, even if there is no one to live it.
Song Of The New Life
Listen to the silent words of Meher Baba;
The life story of all lovers of God is based on the practice of these words.
In The New Life...
Under all circumstances those of you who really succeed in remaining with me to the end will become worthy to be worshipped by me.
The New Life Begins
Early on October 16th, while it was still dark, the car driven by Sarosh came to fetch us. Baba and the women companions drove in the car. It was raining.
Baba And The Companions Set Out
Long before the city had awakened, Baba and the companions walked a short distance beyond the level railway crossing and Baba gestured for them to stand behind Him and observe silence. He knelt down and solemnly touched the earth with His hands and then his forehead.
Training In Belgaum
We had tea in Poona in the early morning and finally after a tiring drive reached Belgaum late in the evening.
Training Period At Belgaum
In the afternoon, Baba discussed in the presence of all, the pros and cons of completing the training period at Belgaum.
In My New Life I Am The Seeker, The Lover And The Friend
Both these aspects — Perfect Divinity and Perfect Humility — have been by God's Will and both are everlastingly linked with God's eternal Life.
I Love You As You Are
The merits or the weaknesses of His followers and lovers did not matter much to Baba.
The New Life Is Endless
In the New Life Baba exemplified love and obedience most of all. Today, after dropping His body, how should His lovers go about achieving these two tenets?
The Purest Expression Of Selfless Service
One who lives the New Life helps others in breaking the sanskaric chain, and this help to others is really the purest form of selfless service to the world.
Blueprint For 'The New Life'
The New Life alone or Meher Baba's entire life are models for humanity to emulate.
A Beautiful Pageant Being Enacted Before Us
All the companions were dressed in their white robes and dark-green turbans.
Parade Of Animals
Some inquired if the companions belonged to a circus troupe!
Begging In The New Life
The method of begging varied according to Baba's dictates.
Consumed In The Fire Of Love
My Fiery Life is based on this Love by which the Lover is lost in the Beloved after being consumed in the fire of Love.
The Aim Of The New Life
The aim of the New Life is to achieve Eternal Freedom, the God state, through the medium of burning in love and longing for God.
Absolute And Perfect Renunciation
If any one asks you what this New Life is, say, "Absolute and perfect renunciation."
He Himself Would Make Us Laugh!
In His beautiful way Baba made the atmosphere light and cheerful.
Live A New Life Now
Live a new life now. Completely forget the past and leave it aside.
Serving Baba In His Own Special Way
Within a short time, the companions who had been subsisting on the fare obtained by begging, were being served the most delicious repasts by Todi Singh's family.
There Was No Escape
In this path, a two-edged sword hangs over the heads of those for whom the Master has special love.
They Remained Unaffected
Without uttering another word, they offered bhiksha to Baba, a total stranger.
In This Shoreless Ocean Of Infinite Knowledge
We are all permanently lodged in this shoreless Ocean of Infinite Knowledge, and yet are infinitely ignorant of it.
My First Real Birthday
Bells and gongs were rung, drums beaten and guns fired.
Even God Is Afraid Of The Naked!
I want to be absolutely free from everything and everybody.
Totally Helpless
On the first day of the New Life of helplessness, "Indra's rain" rendered them totally helpless.
Lost In Love And Love Alone
My Fiery Life, which begins from November 15th [1952] and ends at the end of April 1953, is based on this love by which the lover is lost in the Beloved, after being consumed in the fire of Divine Love.
The World Did Not Exist
On a month's notice, just one month, they turned their backs on everything and followed Baba. If they were able to do this, why should they care for anything else in the world?
The Lord And The Slave
That is how Baba was, the Lord and the slave; simultaneously a beggar on the street and the Lord of the universe.
The Necessities Of The Occasion
So, you see, a little discretion and a little intelligence were also used in the New Life to adjust our lives to the necessities of the occasion.
His Mysterious Ways
How Harjivan Lal was ever able to pinpoint the place to send his thoughtful gift, I still don't know but to all of us it was manna from heaven.
The New Life Adventure
You have resolutely set before us a love task that demands nothing less than one hundred per cent commitment to human life at its best.
A Master Of Horses
All during the New Life while we were walking on the road, the procession was headed by the white horse with Don (Donkin) leading him.
Baba Prepared Himself To Go Begging
Then, making a gesture of forgiveness, the ceremony came to an end, and Baba prepared himself to go begging.
Our Part Was To Keep Cheerful And Happy
Baba, in this New Life phase, living life in its different phases, holds up before us all the practical example of repentance, worship, prayer and service.
Meher Baba In The Great Seclusion, part 5 of 11: On The Eve Of The Great Seclusion
On June 21st, Baba had invited all his local disciples and devotees to be present at 7 o'clock sharp that morning to participate in what he said was the "purification ceremony" to keep the place free from maleficent spirits and evil influences.
Meher Baba In The Great Seclusion, part 6 of 11: Active Vigilance
Baba would ring for him at any odd hour of the day or night, if for nothing else, than to warn him to see that no disturbance of any kind took place.
Meher Baba In The Great Seclusion, part 9 of 11: A Heart Speaks
We think it desirable on more than one count to let Jal Kerawalla, whom we really owe this account, to round it up as far as the space allows, in his own words.
Temptations Of Pursuing Selfish Ends
Baba desires that all his Old Life followers should not give way to the temptations of pursuing selfish ends.
The New Life Phase Begins
A new way of living started from the very first day.
The Possessed Car
You won't believe it, but the car jumped over many of these trees, and it jumped over rocks — like a horse, I tell you!
Religion And Politics
From my point of view, all religions are great; but God is greater. In the same way, all political parties are, in their own way, noble, at least in their consciously accepted objectives.
Our Ills And Our Remedies
The one remedy of remedies which is recommended is spiritual understanding, which at once includes and supersedes all other forms of knowledge.
One Month In Benares
We could feel the atmosphere of piety which emanated from the people there, for the devout Hindus would go down to the river to bathe in the sacred Ganges to be purified.
One Day Ram Did Pass By
In the Hindu tradition they're enjoined in scriptures, writings and traditions always to give food to a person who comes to their door, never to refuse, for who knows, one day that someone might be Ram himself in the form of a man — God in the form of man.
Without A Cent In His Pocket
He immediately went to see Baba and told Him about his attempted escape.
In Their Determination To Stay
Baba then asked the men companions to think again whether they wished to remain with Him, and all were unanimous in their determination to stay.
The Great Seculsion
The daily routine was carefully detailed, with time-tables, duty charts, and instructions for emergencies.
The Philosophy Of Seclusion
His seclusion is, for him, necessary for his exclusive work in the non-physical realms to be carried out without any disturbance to himself or any danger to others.
Individual Efforts
During the period between October 16th, 1949, and March 1st, 1950, I have committed consciously and deliberately one big mistake, and I want the companions to kick me so that God forgives me.
Khumba Mela Work
Baba explained that He was "contacting each holy man only once, not twice, and with this one physical contact, I will bestow such a gift unto them, which they would not have gained after centuries of penance and austerities."
Baba's Tribute To Dr. Ghani
Those of you who were at the meeting at Hyderabad on June 28, will remember that Ghani read out the explanation to my Declaration and also the Declaration itself.
The New Life Is Endless
Although the New Life has emerged from me, I am not at all bound by it.
Losing His Temper
Baba continued in a critical mood and lost His temper with several other companions.
Mehera Promised
Once Mehera, complaining about the cold, asked Baba, "Why did we come here in January?"
The Depth Of The New Life
This was a whiff of that real freedom, which made me exclaim, 'If this is the Freedom that Baba talks about, one would do anything to attain it.'
Sink Or Swim Together
I will be brother and friend in every respect except in absolute obedience to my orders. We, who stick to the conditions 100 percent, sink or swim together.
The Expected One
If one day a beggar comes to your door and picks up some of the food being offered that has fallen on the ground, know that He is the Expected One — the Avatar.
Eruch And The Possessed Car
You won't believe it, but the car jumped over many of these trees, and it jumped over rocks — like a horse, I tell you!
Explanation Of His Fiery Free Life
In the first part of the Free Life bindings dominated freedom. In the second part of this Free Life, freedom had dominated bindings. And in the third part of this Free Life, commencing from November 15th, 1952, both freedom and bindings are consumed in the Fire of Divine Love
Highroads To God
The quickest of these highroads lies through the God-Man, who is consciously One with the Truth.
The Honeymoon Is Over
If with one hand Baba hits with a hammer, with the other hand he sustains you. He's not leaving you unsupported while he works on you.
Sarnath And The Mali
One day Goher started talking to the old mali (gardener) and discovered that he had lost his wife. Since that time he had become a sadhu but without wearing the usual ochre-colored clothes. Baba said he was a real sadhu and did not need to wear ochre-colored clothes because inwardly he was detached from everything.
The Envy Of The Gods
"These discomforts are the first step toward satyanashi [total ruination]," Baba told the men, "which we have to pass through."
Give Your All To Me
Mani: All the time it is Baba who supports us and holds us to him, he who loves us, he who tolerates us.
Our Ills And Our Remedies
I am, therefore, not concerned with parties, creeds and "isms," but only with those fundamental values which must be wholeheartedly and universally accepted, if humanity is to be truly saved.
The Honeymoon Over
After a certain period of just being wildly in love with Baba, an individual will suddenly start encountering not only some of the old problems in his life, but even some new and more complicated ones as well.

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