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It is impossible to obey me one hundred per cent unless you have one hundred per cent love for me and accept me one hundred per cent as God incarnate.

— Meher Baba

THE GOD-MAN, p. 298, C. B. Purdom
1971 © Meher Spiritual Center, Inc.


Don't Worry Or Question — Just Obey
Do not be concerned about anything else.
Responsibility Is Placed Upon The Human Soul
Obedience as the free devotion of the will has nothing in common with authoritarian subservience.
Unless You Have One Hundred Per Cent Love For Me
It is impossible to obey me one hundred per cent.
What Should We Do?
You want to know how you can know what you should do?
One Never Fails
He had gone to Bombay without his parents' permission, and there had had his wallet pick-pocketed and lost all his money.
You Will Lose Your Senses
Vishnu picked up Baba's sandals, touched them to his forehead and put them down again by Baba's feet.
It Is 'I' Who Have Cancer
Harry Dedolchow silently cursed to himself: "Damn it, Baba, don't you ever forget!"
Three Types Of Obedience
The third, and rarest, type of obedience would be not to see Gadekar sitting there.
To Obey Me Is Like Riding Your Own Shoulders
"Baba, why don't you give us your grace so that we could obey you?" I ventured to suggest.
The Farmer
The next morning the farmer appeared with about two litres of milk, not the cupful that he normally got.
Remember Him, Forget Yourself
So dear brother, try your best to love Him more and more and He will help you. Try with all your heart to obey Him, and He will help you.
Second Quentin Story
Baba happily signalled to Quentin to do his job, but was met by, "Oh, wait a minute, Baba, the water is just coming to the boil."
Four Types Of Obedience
The atmosphere was now very tense, all emotions were charged as we considered the true meaning of obedience as meant by Baba.
I Agree To Everything You Have Said
Hormasji had had enough, and hurriedly exclaimed, 'Baba, I agree to everything You have said!'
Baba's Embrace
Had that bullock not died, your bride would have died. Do you have any idea to what extent I am troubled in order to save your bride?"
Not Enough Food
Dina, standing in the doorway watching, thought that the okra would be sufficient for perhaps 15-20 people, with Baba being so generous.
When Meredith had finished his ablutions, he started back towards his berth, but found that in the meantime some shunting and uncoupling had taken place, and that Baba and the rest of the train had disappeared!
Obedience, His Wish and His Will
One of the mandali requested a clarification regarding His wish and His will as they pertained to the mandali.
Short And Simple
He turned directly to me and said, "Rhoda, never hurt the feelings of anyone." With these last words His direction became an order for me.
Your Stars And Planets No Longer Govern Your Life
For those who lay their head at My feet and are Mine, I put all their stars and planets in My cup of tea and drink them up!
What Mattered Most Was Obeying Baba
It was relatively easy for us to keep silence in Baba's atmosphere, but His order was much more difficult for those trying to do their jobs and carry out their routines in the world.
You never know when the Master will want something, or what He will want, and you must be ready and so quick.
Literal Obedience
Literal obedience is the effect of the rock-like faith and deep love which the Master inspires in the pupil through his human appeal.
Tidings Of Joy About The God-Man
Baba is pleased with your sincerity, frankness and purposeful decision which you strive to arrive at in obeying Him.
He Didn't Listen
He used to tell people, 'Baba has made me his charge-man'. People paid homage to him.
Cannot Break His Commandments
I understand your worry over the exercise order because even we staying with Him do slip up on the seemingly simple orders that are so easy to slip on.
I Want You To Help Me By Helping One Another
I want you to do this through love and not through compulsion.
What Krishna Teaches In The Gita Is Divine
It says you can become God if you love Me, follow Me, surrender to Me. There is no other way. Disciples must do as the Master orders, not imitate.
Difficult Orders
To get up I touched literally hundreds of women, although I am not allowed to do so by Baba's order."
They Are Useful For Drawing
Baba made me parade around the table showing my nails to each one.
When Baba Would Make A Rule
Mehera would gently remonstrate with Him, saying that it wasn't necessary for Him to remove His sandals, but Baba continued to do so every time.'
May Thy Will Be Done O Perfect One
My will not prevail.
You Can Obey Me If You Take Me As The Avatar
I will ask your obedience in one respect. If you have love for Me, repeat Baba's name not less than 14 times with love and serve others selflessly.
Which Way To Obey
Baba stopped me by making furious signals that I was to use my voice to answer Him.
Remember The Charge Of The Light Brigade
Do as I say. Yours is not to reason why, but to do or die."
"Take Me With You"
I was especially impressed with Baba's saying, "take Me with you." It was like an order.
Obey Me
When you do what the Master says, the responsibility falls on Him whom you obey, even when you obey unwillingly.
He Is A Money Lender
Pendu said, "You have got an important work to do for Baba, but unless you are confident of doing this work for him we are not supposed to tell you what the work is."
Fooling Baba
"How delicious they look," I said to myself. "I must have one — no one will know that I have eaten it."
Instruction To Obey
The hardest thing was always the initial decision to be obedient.
My Bottle Was Corked
When it was Adi Dubash's turn, Baba said, "No chicken for you." Every time Baba gestured no, He also made a gesture of corking a bottle.
Washing Baba's Hair
My part in the procedure was to take the basin after Baba's washed hair was rinsed, go outside through a nearby door, and throw the water out in the yard. Baba himself told me to do this.
I Never Thought Of That
Mansari, who had a strong aversion at that time to dogs, said, "But I haven't come here to serve a dog. I've come to serve you!"
Baba Drinks Stars And Planets In His Cup Of Tea
For those who lay their head at My feet and are Mine, I put all their stars and planets in My cup of tea and drink them up!
I Knew What To Do Then
At one point Baba asked the girls, "Would you do anything I asked?" Both nodded Yes.
Let Your Heart Go To Hell
Mansari, who was missing Baba terribly, came out to see him.
He Helps You In His Own Way
"But why do You ask this question when the girl is there with her mother and father?"
Pleader And The Cobra
While Baba was in strict seclusion in the Panchvati Cave, Pleader was isolated in the post office building.
A Good Lesson
The road to the Swami Ram Krishna's ashram was very rough and steep, and they reached the remote place with much difficulty. But the gate, which was closed, had a sign hanging on it which read: "The Swami will not give darshan to anyone until March 10th."
Throwing Hats And Shoes Onto Railway Tracks
Baba, when displeased, would often order things to be thrown over the wall onto the railway area.
Criticizing Others
We made a pact: an entire week without criticizing anyone. And we worked hard at it.
Disobedience Punished
Quite unexpectedly Baba seemed to be very upset, and he took Doctor right and left for coming to Poona without permission!
To Catch A Pig
While Baba was reprimanding Sidhu, Adi calmly continued his meal. Turning to him, Baba asked, "Why are you eating like a pig?"

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