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It is said that the great saint and singer Mirabai was born in Rajasthan around 1504. Some of her poems and songs are very elegantly presented with illustrations and further links at Mira Bai, Rajput Princess.

Jalaluddin Rumi. Here is a small collection of extraordinarily powerful and loving poems written by this 13th Century Perfect Master in the Sufi tradition, translated by Coleman Barks.

Poems from the Divan of Hafiz translated by Gertrude Lowthian Bell, an British woman known for her extraordinary knowledge of middle-eastern cultures.

The literal and copiously annotated translations of amateur Rumi scholar Ibrahim Gamard, which appeared weekly on the Sunlight Yahoo group, are made available on a beautiful website by Dar-al-Masnavi, the activity of the American Institute of Masnavi Studies (AIMS) on the Internet. Well linked to additional sites.

A gorgeous presentation of the poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Sadi and others as well as stimulating samples of Sufi teaching stories (in her "Story Park") can be found at Mariam Ispahani's Zensufi Park. She also offers further links to Kabir, Tagore and others.

Shams-ud-din Hafiz was a Perfect Master in Persia (1320-1389) whose enormous collection of writings, Divan, is sometimes called the Persian Koran. A very large selection of Hafiz' ghazals translated by Shahriar Shahriari is available at this elegant site along with a biographical link and other support material.

Kabir lived in Varanasi during the 1400s. He grew up a weaver; one still hears the sounds of looms at work in the small alleys near the Ganges. At this site there are quotes from his Bijak and further links as well.

An enormous collection of "Sacred Poetry from Around the World", enthusiastically presented by Ivan M. Granger on his website, Poetry Chaikhana, evokes the spirit of the Asian teahouse. There pilgrims and merchants gathered together to rest and sing songs of the Divine on their journeys along the Silk Road.

On this colorful site, Mystic Poets, one finds a broad collection of poems and brief biographies of over 40 mystical poets in both the Eastern and Western traditions along with a useful glossary of mystical terms and metaphors.

Bill Gannett, a student of the Persian language, Sufi poetry, traditional metaphysics and cosmology, writes poetry and translates from the Persian under the name Darvishkhan. He also writes articles.

Poet, musician, singer Gabriella Tal loves to share her music and poetry in performance for and with others. "My songwriting and singing sustain and change me. I write about life, about my relationship with God and Meher Baba, about trying to enlighten personal relationships and about this time we live in. I trust my music as a transformative tool."

Poems, stories, prose, paintings, songs, humor, photos, Max Reif offers his life to the Divine Beloved in What Remains Is The Essence.

Haiku. An extremely brief Japanese poetic form, the haiku often penetrates with a quality of astonishment directly into the cosmic essence. Here is a small collection gathered not only from traditional masters but also from a number of westerners who have taken up the form.

Poetry, Words, Parables & More is a very rich site for extensive collections of Sufi, Persian, Afghan, Indian and Bangladeshi devotional, mystical and spiritual poetry, done with style and fine illustrations. There are also links to literary illustrations and miniatures at the Metropolitan Museum.

Poet Seers is an archive of spiritual and illumining poetry by poets from around the world, including many different spiritual traditions.

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March 15, 2015

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