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To know Reality is to become it.
It is nearest to you —
for, in fact, it is you.

— Meher Baba

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Knowledge Of One Indivisible Existence
The Perfection that belongs to the spiritually realized souls is not in the domain of duality, and as such is entirely beyond the scope of the intellect.
The Now
No amount of swing, even of aeons of cycles, in the sweep of time can give an iota of concept of any beginning or end of the NOW in Eternity.
Meeting Life Adequately And Fully
Perfection consists in remaining free from the entanglements of duality.
Ganesh Represents The Goal Of Life
Oh what arrogance he had, and how he had to pay —
The Permanency Of Spiritual Bliss
Compare the transiency of earthly pleasures with the permanency of spiritual bliss.
Full Freedom Of Choice
The universal mind chooses, but it chooses in the knowledge of Truth and in unlimited freedom.
I Will Help You Spiritually
What does Perfection mean if it does not include material life?
You Become You — The Real Self
To know Reality is to become it.
He Is Perfect
The finite being who is conscious of his being finite is obviously short of Perfection; but when he is conscious of being one with the Infinite, he is perfect.
The Aura And The Halo
It is out of the question for anyone, other than those who have attained the consciousness of the sixth plane, to behold the divine effulgence of the Master's halo.
In The Ripeness Of Time
Maha Bhava, which is essentially beyond all impressions, is incommunicable. In the ripeness of time, it dawns from within.
Freedom From Opposites
Here there is no duality or division of life and therefore the soul is free from the opposite attitudes.
Real Happiness Lies In Making Others Happy
The real aim is that which aims to make others become God by first attaining Godhood yourself.
Nothing Will Touch You
Suppose you are here and I want to make you like me; that is grace.
Inner Space: The Frontier Of Our Time
When the finite realizes its infinity or when infinity becomes finite, without its nature being affected, this is perfection — where the two are joined.
They say death is the worst thing in life, but, in point of fact, patience is often worse than death.
Dynamic Freedom
The unlimited freedom of the Truth-realized person is the only real and full freedom.
Baba On His Activities, Part 1, Part 2
Perfection does not merely mean escaping from the Mayavic law.
What Is True Spirituality?
The state of desirelessness or of wanting nothing is a faculty latent in everyone.
The Sound Of The Soul
In order for God to utter that Word, the unconscious soul must experience God and know that the Word is "I Am God," which is the sound of the conscious existence of the Soul.
My Work Will Embrace Everything
Perfection would fall far short of the ideal if it were to accept one thing and reject another.
The Highest Possible Attainment
It's better to die than to live, better to fear than to die, better to fill than to fear and better to do or make than to fill.

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