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Out of many who get hold of the pearl, one swims back up to the surface with it; the others stay stuck on the floor gazing with wonder at the pearl.

Out of many who swim up to the surface, one returns to the shore. This one is the Perfect Master (Qutub) and He shows His pearl to the others — the divers, the swimmers, the paddlers, and so encourages them in their efforts.

— Meher Baba

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The Elect And The Select
There are always five Perfect Masters (Qutubs or Sadgurus) who are the leading lights of the saintly hierarchy which governs the world.
Stick To Him At Any Cost
Addressing those present Shri Maharaj said, "I have given my charge to Merwan (Meher Baba); he is the holder and possessor of my spiritual treasure today...."
Inner Poise And Adequate Adjustment
The first master could realize God without a master in the human form, whereas the subsequent masters always and invariably need some master for God-realization.
Signs Of Spiritual Perfection — How To Recognize A Perfect Master
There are three important factors characteristic of the state of Perfection.
Do Not Absent Yourself
To see Him as He is, is to see God.
The Emperor — Hazrat Babajan
Babajan's love and charity towards humanity was supremely Divine in expression; it could not but reclaim a most confirmed sinner and subdue the cruelest of minds.
A Saint Shouldn't Do This
It comes down to one thing, that you cannot judge a saint or a Perfect person by the way he dresses or the things he says, or especially by the things that he does.
Think Of Him As Your Very Own
Does a child who's sitting beside his father keep thinking how many horses, cows, houses and estates his father has?
At His Feet
When people come to a Perfect Master and touch his feet with their heads, they lay upon him the burden of their samskaras.
Rabia And The Secret Of Basra
The whole city clamours after your beauty. Yet nobody tells me about his experience.
The Circumstantial Death of Dnyaneshwar
Eventually, so his personality would no longer be a hindrance in the spiritual development of some people, he asked that he be sealed alive in a small crypt.
Effective Vehicles
The Oversoul in all is only one, and it always functions as a unity.
He Sees Himself In Everyone
Everyone who voluntarily or involuntarily comes into the orbit of his activities becomes, in some way, the recipient of a spiritual push.
One Key To The Treasure-Box
There is one Key to the treasure-box of the world, but it is in the hands of five Masters.
The Final Step
"Farid, have you come to learn perfection or to demonstrate cheap powers born of long asceticism?"
Inexpressible Bliss
The state of the circle members differs from that of the Chargeman in this respect: members can enjoy that Bliss whenever they like.
This Is Not An Ordinary Cage
Upasni Maharaj confined himself in that bamboo cage for over thirteen months!
Promises Given By The Masters
This is why the promises given by me at different times vary in the period and details of their fulfillment.
Speaking Of Hafiz
Gabriel directed him to a Perfect Master, for whom he slaved for forty years, going through hell, as it were.
Shams-al-Din Mohammed, The Poet Hafiz (1320-1388)
In fact, Khwaja (the Master) Hafiz has clearly narrated, one by one, all the stages of spirituality in his Divan.
Willing To Die For The Happiness Of The Beloved
Kalyan was a disciple of Swami Ramdas Samarth, who was a Perfect Master at the time of Shivaji.
Suddenly A Commotion Broke Out
You are still firmly anchored to the world.
His Body Transformed Into A Great Lotus Flower
The renowned poet and Perfect Master Kabir, who embodied a mixture of Hindu and Muslim qualities, has two shrines in Maghar.
The Highest Pinnacle Of Perfection And Bliss
They would want to have God and realize Him; and all their actions would be entirely different.
He Was Blessing Mankind
To be abused by a Master is a blessings.
Baba Gave Repeated Warnings To His Lovers
Baba told all those present, "Once you come to Me, you must not go anywhere else."
All The Birds Will Sing 'Meher!'
Eruch's little aunt told us of her first visit to Babajan years ago.
The Pearl Diver
Out of many who swim up to the surface, one returns to the shore. This one is the Perfect Master (Qutub).
The Treasure That Is Within Us
The Perfect Master gives us nothing.
Now They All Love Me And Recognize Me
I went to Upasni Maharaj, where He sat, thin and weak, and as soon as He saw Me, He picked up a stone and hit Me on the forehead, and instantaneously I recovered normal consciousness.
A Blessing And Mercy To The World
This condition (halat) in saints is the aspect of Divine love and beauty (Shane-jamal).
According To The Perfect Masters' Will or Wish
Just as they are the givers of light, Sadgurus and Qutubs are also the givers of thoughts.
Baba Paid Homage To The Tomb
Upasni Maharaj was a tall, heavy man and usually was naked, except for a gunny cloth and sandals when going out.
He Is For The Whole Universe
The function of the five Perfect Masters (present at all times) is different at the time of the Avatar.
Rather Request His Curse
A Perfect Master works in the spiritual domain.
All The Birds Will Sing Meher
Whenever Baba refers to her [Hazrat Babajan], he invariably uses the words "Incomparable; matchless!"
The Leader Was Not An Ordinary Person
Word went around town, and soon everyone knew of what had happened in the streets that day.
He Controlled World War I
One day while the war was going on, Sai Baba was returning from the lendi  procession when amidst sweet music his eyes fell upon a particular young man as they had never fallen on anyone else.
The Bonds Of Action And Reaction
The Perfect Master absorbs duality in his true existence in order to sublimate it.
An Extreme Example
Once, the Master of Hafiz — the great Persian mystic — ordered one of his disciples to go home and kill his child.
The Secret Of Remaining Detached
For the seeker, this was the blessed moment of the Master's acceptance, and indirectly, it was God's assurance of his ultimate Union with Him.
Don't Worry; I Love You
As long as you are mine, you need not worry.
A Visit To Hazrat Babajan
She did not allow anybody to bow down to her and she would drive away and abuse those that came near her.
Francis Of Assisi
Francis, of course, in his utter simplicity and humility, could never have dreamed that the Christ was assigning him the task of repairing and restoring the Catholic Church — of saving Christianity from ruin.
Hazrat Baba Tajuddin
Hazrat Baba Tajuddin had incarnated to bless us all, to relieve us of our temporal distress, to confer on us material prosperity and then to transform our gratitude into devotion to God.
Where Are They?
Baba said, "The Perfect masters are in deep monasteries, which is why you cannot see Them. I'll show you were They are."
Lost Horse
Babajan pointed out with her finger in one particular direction, and asked him to go straight until the horse was found.
Babajan's Second Visit To Mecca — One Unusual Incident
Upon arriving in Mecca, word of the miraculous rescue spread and a great multitude gathered to be personally blessed by Babajan.
Five Houses
It is said that Sai Baba's every act and movement possessed a spiritual significance depicted in numbers.
A Memento Of That Rare Moment
After their spiritual work was over, both came out and Baba ordered my father and Kaka Baria to bow to Upasani Maharaj and touch His feet with their foreheads.
Wisdom Of A Perfect Master
Sai Baba in taking money from his visitors took from them bundles of their sanskaras, and in giving that same money to those 4 or 5 disciples of his he made those 4 or 5 "dung heaps" of all the sanskaras.
God-Realization Is Not For Weaklings
Babajan had come all the way from her birth place in Baluchistan and settled down in Poona because of the Avatar's advent.
Blessings Of A Perfect Master
The fulfilment of their worldly desires from approaching a divine personality, is in direct proportion to the faith they bring towards him.
Babajan Eye Movement
She would give a slight movement of her eyes towards the women, thus acknowledging them and including them in the group before her.
If A Drop Of Wine Falls
Even if millions of sins are done by him, he is pure as ever.
Hazrat Babajan, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
It was she who, in January 1914, initiated the 19 year-old Merwan (Meher Baba) with a kiss on the forehead, sending him into formless God-consciousness.
As A Stamp Sticks To An Envelope
No matter how many post office seals pound that stamp it should not come off, and wherever the envelope goes the stamp goes with it.
The Impressions Received From The Satguru
The aspirant receives from the Sadguru impressions which have the special potency of undoing other past impressions, thus completely transforming the tenor of his life.
The Conquest Of The Unconscious By The Conscious
A Perfect Master is consciously united with the Infinite Reality.
The Ground And His Feet Parting Company
"When I order you to fly, you should begin flying in the air. Do you understand?"
Hazrat Babajan Dies
"By Babajan having dropped her body, numerous difficulties will crop up and circumstances will soon change."
On Recognizing A Perfect Master
There are three important factors that are characteristic of the state of Perfection.
Bhagwan Eknath
He was so naturally devout and humble that he became the talk and the envy of the town.
Most Significant Day
Since moving to Poona many years before, Babajan had never left the city for any reason. Therefore, everyone was truly astonished to see her at Meherabad.
Taking Babajan To Tea
One day a man approached Babajan and offered to take her for tea to a nearby teashop. Babajan stipulated, "Yes, I go with you to tea-shop, but I shall pay for the tea."

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