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Elizabeth Patterson

Just as we were leaving the large area of the shrine and had returned to our bus, an ascetic man with glowing eyes passed close to the window where Baba sat. Recognition passed between them, and then we drove off as if nothing special had occurred. Later Baba sent two of His mandali back to this section to search out the man, and he was eventually found, lying in a kind of gutter, completely unconscious of the body and immersed in spiritual bliss. He was brought to the Master and remained throughout the stay.

This man was tall and slim in build, of middle age, and had a noble bearing. During the days with the Master, he appeared always inwardly exalted; his eyes had an intensely burning look, seeming to be seeing things afar. His artistic-looking hands were constantly moving and gesticulating as if in conversation with unseen entities, and sometimes as if he were leading an unheard heavenly choir.

His speech, which was rare, seemed disconnected to those of the men disciples who were in attendance; but Baba told us that all that the man uttered had spiritual meaning. Sometimes even at night we would hear him singing in a deep, sonorous voice like the chant of a priest, so loudly that the sound carried through the walls into our quarters.

During the days that he stayed under the Master's roof, He bathed him and fed him with His own hands, and at the same time gave him a "spiritual push." This period of sojourn for this child of God was a spiritual homecoming. His state of bliss was extraordinary and continuous.

Meher Baba told us that he was one of his spiritual agents on the fifth plane and that during the time he was with the Master he had been spiritually advanced.

The second spiritual agent in Ajmer was found through the guidance of a tipsy tonga driver. Such strange humans are often pieces in the picture-puzzle which in life seem to fit into no place, but under the influence of a Master such as Meher Baba become the missing and important pieces which complete the picture.

On our journey, whether there were sinners or whether there were saints, they all came to Meher Baba, whose name means Compassionate Father, as little children. That is the most beautiful part of my spiritual experience with a modern Sadguru.


TREASURES FROM THE MEHER BABA JOURNALS (1938-1942), pp. 118-119, ed Jane Barry Haynes
1980 © Avatar Meher Baba Perpetual Public Charitable Trust


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