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It Is God's Grace
Baba had quickly slipped out the door so suddenly, some still thought he was in fact guilty of a crime.
Nothing To Fear
He explained that his daughter was of marriageable age, but that it was extremely difficult to find a man willing to marry a daughter of a leper.
Baba's Incomparable Divine Simplicity
Even though no one with Baba knew of the mason, Baba had heard the cry of his heart and had instantly responded to it.
Prasad Of Love
His heart wept with love for the Master's kindness, but he wondered who had informed Baba about his circumstances, for even his family did not know why he had been in a miserable mode of late.
Lost Boy Found
Baba's reply promptly came, instructing Chhagan to leave the boy with his parents and return to Panchgani. Only then did Chhagan understand why Baba had sent him on this journey.
Temporary Relief and Perfect Hope
My bowing down to the poor is an entirely different thing than your act of bowing.
Just Like The Christ
As Baba I gave; as the poor, I received.
Baba's Blessing To The Poor
They should go out and find in the slums of the crowded city of New York, the most unfortunate and hopeless ones, that He may bestow to them His spiritual Blessing.
I Bow Down To My Own Self That I See In You
Jal told us how Baba would bow down to the lepers, wash their feet and how He poured His Divine Love on them.
The Most Natural Desire Of Love Is To Share
The desire to share with everyone would produce a condition in which it would be a disgrace, rather than an honour, for anyone to possess more than anyone else.
His Only Punishment
Some moments later, however, hearing a crisp noise over his pocket, X looked down to see this twisted hand in the act of pilfering a ten rupee note.
Notes From A Diary: Pimpalgaon, India, February 1953
Later in the morning, Baba took me around to the men's quarters, as he was going to wash the feet of Nahars gathered together from neighboring villages.

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