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All The Prophets Were The Incarnation Of God
The exterior way of living of the Avatar is regulated by the habits and customs of the times, and He adopts that attitude which is most suited to serve as an example to His contemporaries.
Know Him, See Him, Experience Him
What Jesus meant was to leave all and follow him.
I Am Not Going To Tell You
He told a story about his past incarnations and referred to the fact that each Avatar had a weakness.
Teachings Given By The Avatars
All these teachings given by the Avatars were according to the exigencies of the time then prevailing.
The Dream Of Materialism
Look at Peter. He denied Christ. Desperation made his mind deny, but in his heart he knew that Christ was what He was.
You Can Find So Many Answers In Baba's Explanations
Baba said Judas did what he did under a veil — he couldn't have done it otherwise — whereas Peter did it consciously.
To Take On The Suffering Of The Universe
Jesus Christ suffered the tortures of crucifixion to take on the suffering of the universe.
One Miracle I Will Perform
When Jesus said, 'I and My Father are One,' He meant that He was God.
Long For The Place Of Pilgrimage
Prophet Mohammed laid down that followers should at least once in their lifetime make a pilgrimage to the Kaaba at Mecca.
Perfection Must Be All-Sided
Krishna, as the Avatar, was not only spiritually perfect but Perfection personified.
I Was Here As Jesus
This church is one of he four great spiritual centers of Europe.
Enough To Prove Your Greatness
Why did Krishna wash Sudama's feet and drink the water?
He Alone Exists
Krishna was very mischievous, full of practical jokes, and used to make trouble. Christ and Buddha had other ways.
So That My Love Might Flow
And what did Narada see? He saw little figures, little images of Krishna's mandali.
You Fill Their Hearts And Thoughts
Every gopi belongs to you, Krishna, for you fill their hearts and thoughts; you are ever-present in their homes.
Follow Christ's Teachings
If you love Jesus, and if you can follow Christ's teachings and live his life, that is more than enough.
Always For Your Highest Good
Krishna used to bluff, lie and do all sorts of queer things, but solely for the upliftment of humanity.
If You Eat It As Mere Candy, It Has No Meaning
At last the Rishi, who was very intelligent, begged Krishna's favourite disciple, Pendya, who was a cripple, to ask Krishna for him.
Firm Faith In Christ
I salute your deep love for and firm faith in Christ.
Why Do The Avatars Differ?
God, manifesting through the Avatar of different periods, quenches the thirst of man in different ways.
The Case Of The Arabian Prophet
When he was harassed by his enemies and threatened with premature death, he actually fled from Mecca and took refuge in Medina.
An Eternal Law
The Buddha said, "Not by hatred is hatred appeased: hatred is appeased by nonhatred.
How Could I Give Any Advice?
My fondness for them was worse even than the child's.
Six short quotes on the Holy Prophet.
Quaker Oats
If others are devoted to Jesus, Rama, Krishna, and if you drag them out of their devotion and try to divert it to Me, you belittle Me in their devotion because I am that same Rama, Krishna, Jesus.
Jesus, The Only One?
For our sake He takes birth, suffers and gets persecuted, and for not recognizing Him when He is in our midst, we stand condemned.
Letter From Bhau On Jesus
Meher Baba has disclosed that Jesus came to India along with His two disciples and He went to different places of pilgrimage.
Buddha And Meher Baba
On the harsh, cold morning of December 7th, Baba walked back to the underground rooms in the subterranean passages of the Sarnath ruins with his men companions, each man clad only in langoties — loincloths.
Carrying The Worry Of The Whole Universe
So the walk continued with the woman still speaking against Mohammed. They reached her home and the woman sought to pay Mohammed, but again He only said: 'No, Mother, I am the One who carries the burden of all.'
Because He Was The Slave Of His Lovers
Krishna was the first Avatar to institute the custom of prasad.
Second Coming Of The Buddha As Maitreya
Two thousand and five hundred years after Me, my Law will have known its end. Another Buddha, the greatest of them all, will come into the world. He will regenerate it and establish the New Law.
Father Of Sufism
Zarathustra was the greatest Sufi. He was the Father of Sufism, and its very foundation owes its creation to him.
The Cosmic Vision
Having thus spoken to Arjuna, Lord Shri Krishna showed Himself again in His accustomed form; and the Mighty Lord, in gentle tones, softly consoled him who lately trembled with fear.
Buddha Is Now Silent
Baba reminisced about his incarnation as Buddha and then remarked, "Buddha is now silent."
Avataric Mistakes
Meher Baba told us one day at Guruprasad the weakness of each of His past Advents.
One Secret About Jesus Which The Christians Do Not Know
I Was Jesus
Mehera said, "This was the first time I heard Baba say, 'I was Jesus'".
Anecdote From The Life Of The Prophet Mohammed
Duthur dropped his sword. Mohammed seized it, and cried in turn: 'O Duthur, who is there now to save you?'
An Imposter
Buddha's first teaching was, 'Beware of what you say.'
Krishna Has His Reasons For Doing It
His actions were for their own good.
Did Christ Suffer?
Christ suffered; else what would be the meaning of His taking a body?
The Meaning Of His Life
Jesus taught what religion is: to find God within . . . through love.
Christ Abides In All
Christ abides in all; therefore, selfless service to humanity is service to God.
You Fill Their Hearts And Thoughts
Narad once asked Krishna, that since He (Krishna) had so many gopies, could not he (Narad) claim one of them.

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