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The Reincarnating Individual
The life of the reincarnating individual has many events and phases. The wheel of life makes its ceaseless rounds, lifting the individual to the heights or bringing him down from high positions. It thus contributes to the enrichment of his experience.
When My Grace Descends It Makes You Me
It is through Him that you become free from this business of karma.
At Last Get The Real Answer
To attain the divine goal with full consciousness evolved, the human-conscious God strives, through further experiences by the process of reincarnation, to withdraw inwards towards Himself the already projected full consciousness.
Unconscious Of The Subtle And The Mental Spheres
The gross sphere thus constitutes the arena of the average individual, and all his activities and thoughts have a tendency to be directed toward the gross objects that are accessible to him.
What They Already Know
But the knowing gets stronger and stronger with our determination to be His, and eventually it becomes impossible for us to disobey any longer, and then, and only then, do we change our behavior.
Neither Man Nor Woman
The purpose of male and female incarnations is the same as the purpose of evolution itself: it is to enable the soul to arrive at its own undivided and indivisible existence.
His Unlimited, Unbounded, Infinite Trio-Nature
Thus God in the man state, at first realizing Himself as man, asserted His limited aspects through the limited self or the limited ego, the limited mind, the limited energy and the finite gross body.
Awake Dream State To Real Awake State
The Avatar, or the Sadguru, having universal Mind, literally embodies universal life. It is through Him that you become free from this business of karma.
The Interplay Of Souls
By the logic of the situation, every soul is driven to gather experiences of both sexes, sometimes incarnating in the male form and sometimes in the female form.
The Creator, Preserver And Destroyer
Every day, finally destroying the very creation as individualized by his consciousness, man once again creates, preserves and destroys the whole creation through the play of impressions.
Retrograde Incarnation Is Extremely Rare
The forward march of the advancing life-stream brings with it an increasing ascent towards the peak of realized Truth, and an increasingly greater unfoldment of inner divinity.
Memories From Past Lives
Possessiveness of all types has to be purged from the mind if the aspirant is to be spiritually prepared to withstand the disturbing influence of memories from past lives.
No Return To The Animal Form
The very thought of becoming a pig greatly upset her, and with an expression full of remorse she promised never to repeat her old habit.
Remembering Past Lives
Sadashiv told Baba, "There is a person in Mysore who remembers his past lives. I've read that he recognizes his previous parents, their home and every detail."
The Soul Is Not The Brain
The soul does not die. It goes on from life to life till it is merged in God.
An Outwardly Lower Form
When we got back I asked Baba how reincarnations on a low level fit in.
Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
I wish for you to become free from the wheel of births and deaths, of being born again and again, growing, maturing, marrying, enjoying procreating, decaying and dying.
The Power That Keeps The Soul Bound
The power that keeps the individual soul bound to the wheel of life and death is its thirst for separate existence.
Specific Conditions Of An Incarnation
These accumulated sanskaras really determine whether the soul takes its incarnation on the earth in the East or in the West, or in the male form or in the female form, or in one cycle of existence or another.
Memories Of Past Lives
The memory of past lives can come with full clarity and certainty, even to those who are still crossing the inner planes but have not yet become spiritually perfect.

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