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You want millions of things. You say, 'I want this, I want that.' And wanting inevitably leads to suffering.

— Meher Baba

LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, Kitty Davy, pp. 162-165
1981 © AMBPPCT


You Have To Live In The World
How can you renounce this body and mind by retiring into the jungles?
Have The Longing For Divinity
The affliction of the mind should go; then complete renunciation comes.
Only Then Are We All Safe
The one who has been talking about the Lord now comes to feel that he is somebody special, and he accepts the adoration that is offered, quite forgetting that it is Baba who is doing everything.
Rain Falls On Both Rocks And Soil
Once dedicated, you should forget everything, and if you cannot forget your thoughts and actions, how can you say that you have surrendered them?
Violence and Nonviolence
Nonviolence pure and simple means love infinite. It is the goal of life.
Suppose You Are Slapped Or Kicked
If you do not retaliate but keep quiet and do nothing, it is in the category of a "seeker" who practices "non-violence of the brave."
One Learns To Be So Pliable
Baba makes us go through both phases: when feasting then feast, when fasting then fast.
This Is My Message
Let your eyes become blind to illusion to receive Me as I am.
On Dying
Dying not in the meaning of ordinary death, but the death of low sense desires.
Vairagya, being permanent, will always lead sooner or later to the real renunciation which is internal.
Control Of Desires At Their Very Source
Pointing to them, Nizamuddin said, "Look at those women — that's how you should live in the world."
Everything Except God Is Petty
You cannot escape petty things, because everything except God is petty. What you can do is be detached.
He who does not want things
He who does not want things, to him things come.
Don't you know what a great sacrifice a female scorpion makes for the sake of her babies?

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