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The Site Of Meher Baba's Tomb
In the last week of July [1927], Baba ordered a pit to be dug in the floor of this small cabin, six feet long, four feet wide and six feet deep, but at the time he did not disclose its purpose.
The Fragrance On The Hill
Then some time on the 9th August, in the same way that the Fragrance had come, it was gone.
Now We Will Have Arti
Before long I started walking again in the direction of the Samadhi to be in good time for Arti, and met Mansari bringing lanterns for the 'tin shed' verandah.
Don't Worry, Be Happy
If you are coming to India, don't come with any preconceived expectations of what you may receive; come just to lay your head at His feet and empty it of its burden, leaving the rest to His pleasure.
Garlanding Yourself
At Baba's tomb, some young people had put garlands around their own necks while waiting in line.
That Little Room Holds The Key
The Samadhi is where Meher Baba responds to His lovers' longing for the Avatar's physical company.
Rano's Paintings
When Helen left India for Switzerland, Baba Himself had this portrait removed, leaving us facing a blank space in the central window.
The Avatar's Humor
No one suspected that I was deliberately avoiding the use of the word "Tomb." This went on for quite some time until finally Baba had pity on me and used His supreme sense of humor to pull me out of my hesitation to use this word.
I Am Here, I Am Here, I Am Here
Just then, from inside the Samadhi, I heard a deep voice with a sweet ring to it, and the words resounded, "I AM HERE, I AM HERE, I AM HERE."
Divinity Is Fully Alive In The Samadhi
At present that vibrant, spontaneous "divinity in action" is fully alive in the Samadhi at Meherabad.
Seclusion In Make-Shift Room
On the Hill Baba stayed in what is now the Samadhi, but in those days it was not a nice stone building, but a very rough-looking room made from odd bits of tin sheets and tarpaulins.
It Will Always Be The Center Of My Work
Baba made a sweeping gesture and stated, "This whole universe is Mine, but this place is especially Mine."

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