Symbols of the world's religions

Everything binds, everything gives a sense of "I." Whatever you aspire to binds.

— Meher Baba

LOVE ALONE PREVAILS, Kitty Davy, p. 189
1981 © AMBPPCT


A Bad Dream
In the awake state when sanskaras are spent, new ones are accumulated. But when they are spent in a dream, new ones are not created.
A Chain Of Incidents
Man cannot act with true freedom in the present, because he drags with him his binding past.
Our Own Personal Small Flashlight
We can liken our sanskaras to a long series of pieces of string tied together and wound over a piece of stick into a ball.
A Serious Hindrance
In life after death, any lingering entanglement with the gross world is a serious hindrance to the natural flow of the soul's onward life.
Children Up To The Age Of Seven Do Not Incur Sanskaras
This is why some children die — some in a few days, some in a few months, and some after a few years.
Burn Up Your Sanskaras
So what should be done?
Five Ways Of Release From Sanskaras
To cease creating, to wear out, to unwind, to disperse and to wipe out sanskaras.
Numberless Impressions
Impressions are contagious.
The Hidden Treasure Of The Self
In the human form, which is the crowning product of evolution, the divine life is enmeshed in the sanskaric deposits of the mind.
Who takes on the sanskaras?
A respectable person begs one dollar from you, with which he buys alcohol and then kills his wife.
He Sows The Seed
When the proper time comes, He passes over the whole structure and it topples down in a fraction of a second.
The Good Binds As Much As The Evil
The binding of the good can be more easily undone after it is perceived as being a limitation.
Do Not Be Cowards
The very foundation of all my explanations is sanskaras, which no religion has explained.
I am absolutely dishonest. In the course of my vocation I tell so many lies.
Is This Clear
The second functioning of the mind, which is generally called the heart, is important because it is the seat of desires.
The Real Starvation
The Real Starvation is when the mind, not the body, is starved.
Only Actions Can Nullify Actions
A deeply embedded thorn may be extricated by the use of another thorn or any sharp object resembling it, such as a needle, used with skill and precision.
According To His Or Her Sanskaras
People of the world act according to moral standards and socially acceptable behavior, but the Avatar or Perfect Master deals with everyone according to his or her sanskaras.
New Life-Force And Receptivity To Truth
In the same way, the meaning of what life has written on consciousness can be easily and unmistakably grasped only if the sanskaric distortions are mended and taken away by an act of the Master's grace.
How Can You Escape From This Load?
The only wanting, the only desiring that binds for freedom is Love.
Deeper Need Of The Soul
The evolution of the limited individual is completely determined by the sanskaras accumulated by him through ages.
Balancing Sanskaras
It may so happen that a particular Mandali may appear to be doing bad deeds or negative acts. People may wonder why a Mandali, who has lived all his life with Baba, would do such a thing.
Love, Generosity And Tolerance
Though some animal sanskaras are good, most are bad; so, at the start, human consciousness finds itself subject to a propelling force that is mostly bad.
The Burning Of Sanskaras
The annihilation of the ego-mind is planned within the Avatar's universal mind. It is that fire of love in the universal mind that consumes the sanskaras of the limited mind.
Sanskaras And The "Wants" They Engender
All action, except that which is intelligently designed to attain God-realization, binds consciousness.
Living Furnace
A God-Conscious Guru is like a living furnace burning away everything good, bad, past, present and future all sanskaras.
Yogayoga Sanskaras
These Yogayoga Sanskaras do not create a veil on the universal mind; they do not constitute a cloud of ignorance; they only serve as a necessary framework for the release of definitive action.
Vidnyani Sanskaras
The taking on of the Vidnyani Sanskaras before incarnating in the physical body, is like the drawing of a veil upon himself and his Circle.
The Unpaid Balance Of The Price Of Consciousness
The goal is to achieve the full awareness of consciousness, which is fully achieved when all of the residual impressions have been dispelled.
If A Person Holds An Umbrella Over His Head
The umbrella sanskaras (storehouse of mental tendencies and desires) will be gradually closed as a result of my nazar — sight.
Efforts To Decondition Our Subconscious
As we grow little by little in spirit, we find that we can no longer tolerate some actions, thoughts, and feelings in ourselves anymore.
When the heap of green grass is finally burned, the world will have awareness of Divinity.
At The Time Of Birth
The pseudo-poise of sanskaras present at the time of birth has only to be slightly disturbed in order to imprint the sanskaric pattern for the individual life.
In Near Equalization
In realization there is an entire disappearance or cancellation of the sanskaras such as would occur in a tug-of-war when the opposing parties finished the game and stopped pulling in opposite directions.
Inspired By Love
Nowhere does self-forgetfulness come so naturally and completely as in the intensity of love.
Is It Only The Organ That Is Meant? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
The impressions, called 'Sanskaras,' are spent both through thinking and through feeling.
Sanskaras Bring About Important Transformations
Not only impressions of objects or persons, but also impressions of ideas and superstitions have great efficacy in determining the conditions of consciousness.
The Forgiveness Of Sins
Those actions which prevent one from following the path toward involution are unnatural sanskaric actions — sins.
The Avatar Cuts Through All The Unnaturalness In The World
These unnatural sanskaras are obstructions in human consciousness in approaching the path of Truth.
An Impression Is Solidified Might
The power and effect of impressions can hardly be overestimated.
The Winding And Unwinding Of Sanskaras
When the sanskaras are spent in unnatural ways, then the process of spending becomes long and complicated, and it becomes virtually impossible to untie the knots of unnatural binding.
A Sanskara
I wondered for the first time if there was any reason to take that particular route.
Dumping Sanskaras
If your faith is there, it doesn't matter even if the person being worshipped is not real.

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