Symbols of the world's religions

God alone is Real,
and as we are permanently
lodged in the Divine Beloved,
we are all One.


THE AWAKENER MAGAZINE, Vol 1, No. 4, p. 13, 1954



Serving The Universe
Selfless service and love are twin divine qualities. Only the one who loves can serve.
The Way To Remain Free From Karma
Just as one may get bound by an iron or a golden chain, so also a person can get spiritually bound by his attachment to evil or good deeds.
Man Must Be Awakened To His True Nature
Real spirituality is best portrayed in stories of pure love, of selfless service, of Truth realized and applied to the most humble circumstances of our daily lives, raying out into manifold expressions, through home and business, school and university, studio and laboratory — everywhere evoking the heights of joy, the purest love, the greatest power — producing everywhere a constant symphony of bliss.
What's The Solution Of This World-Wide Misery?
But the personal question does come in, even with a desire to serve others selflessly, as you do, because your individual efforts for the good of others have a collective effect.
Man Must Think, But He Must Not Worry
Try to attribute all your acts to God and let results be His.
The Art Of Rendering Service
The spiritual preparation of the aspirant can never be termed complete unless he has learned the art of rendering service
Be Brave And Patient
For that, a sage must come and lift it away.
Serve Me In Others
Eruch made clear that this is not just rushing around serving others. He again quoted Baba, 'It is serving ME in others — not their ego.'
Those Who Think Ill Of Us
When the leader of a nation puts complete trust in God, God makes him the instrument to guide the nation rightly.
The only way to get rid of our selfishness is to go ahead and do something, but dedicate it to Him.
Be Honest To The Very Core
Perfect Masters say the only way to help human beings is not just attending to their physical needs, but to give them spiritual upliftment — helping them to see that the purpose of life is knowing God in perfect honesty.
The Greatest Service
Life is one long endless chain of existence, and real happiness is only in loving God and being united with Him to gain everlasting happiness and peace.
Mastery In Servitude
Baba indicated that by working with a few representative people, he was working for large segments of the world's population.
Work For The Spiritual Freedom Of Humanity
In this God-willed, divinely planned, and predestined task of bringing spiritual freedom to humanity, you, my devotees, have to help me — even at the cost of your lives.
Real Service
He is not a Karma Yogin, who thinks now and then, 'I am doing this' and 'I am doing that,' though he may be serving others. The cursed egoism comes into play as soon as that 'I' takes hold of his mind.
Otherwise Why Are We With Him?
It is easy to be in good mood in such circumstances, but not easy to keep cheerful when life is hard, and this we must do if we wish to serve and help others; i.e. if we love them.
Selfless Service
Selfless service is a road that leads to God.
Worthy Of Praise In The Eyes Of God
Your work done for innocent children is worthy of praise in the eyes of God. Carry on bravely and leave the results to God.
What Is A Baba Lover?
We feel that He is everywhere and in everyone and forgetting ourselves by remembering Him, we want to serve this One who is in everyone and everything.
Embracing Him In You
Eruch, as he got out of his chair, would respond "I am not embracing you, I am embracing Him in you."
One Of The Most Enjoyable Things
"When He returned, Baba told me (Kitty) He had enjoyed this visit to the home — that it was one of the most enjoyable things He had done in the West."
Handout Prepared For The Meher Selfless Service Program, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Eruch's maternal uncle, Naosherwanji Satha, was also a political leader at Ahmednagar and he was walking along with Gandhiji and the other leaders.
They Also Serve Who Express Their Love In Little Things
The scope of service is not limited to great gestures like giving big donations to public institutions.
Most Dedicated Souls
One finds that there are some individuals who are completely dedicated to his cause, and who live for him and who would die for him.
Personal Means Collective And Collective Means Personal
So in order to be able to help others, you yourself must first have it. You can then better transmit this happiness to others.
In Readiness To Serve
He has to select that portion of work which he is qualified to do by virtue of his individual aptitude and abilities.
The Clearest Perception Of Final Good
The kind of well-being which is sought through service will depend upon the vision of the person.
Service After Realization
The overflow of his being is a blessing to life in other forms and actually brings about their upliftment from the material as well as spiritual point of view.
Again And Again Offering One's Life
Not by seeking individual happiness or safety, but by again and again offering one's life in the service of others is it possible to rise to the unsurpassed completeness of realized truth.
Meher Baba: Service
That is real service where there is no thought of self at all.
To Become A Circle Member
A Perfect Master has one circle, and the Avatar has ten circles.
The Purpose Of Life
Purity, love and service are the elements of spiritual life.
The Tree, Yet The Root
Meher Baba called such claimants as 'wolves' who preyed on his unwary 'lambs,' his lovers.
Every Baba Lover A Baba Center
A free discussion in Baba's presence continued. One of the workers said, "Baba, how is propaganda possible without raising money?"
Using Tact In Conveying The Truth
"If you come to know that a Baba worker is doing something wrong or if he has made a mistake, you have to tell him very carefully."

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