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Najoo Kotwal

By June everyone was in Ajmer with Baba, and He sent Father from Meherabad to fetch Hilloo and me, as we were now on vacation from school, and bring us to Ajmer. On our first meeting, Baba looked at me and gestured, "Why do you look so thin while your sister is so plump?"

Hilloo was very fond of the Western food served at St. Anne's. As for me, I just could not bear the sight of some dishes — for instance ox tongue, which was considered a delicacy. So while the supervising nun walked back and forth, I would quickly transfer the food I did not like into Hilloo's plate, so that I would not be caught.

"Baba, I do not like the food they give, especially some dishes, so I give it to Hilloo and she enjoys it all, so she gets plump."

Baba looked at Hilloo and pinched her fat cheeks. "You look nice," He said, and we all giggled, even Mehera and Mani. Since I was weak, Baba told me that I should not be so fussy about food, but in His compassion He asked Mummy to get a vati and put a teaspoon of butter with sugar in it. Baba lovingly put that teaspoon into my mouth and then instructed Mummy that He would give me butter daily for seven days, and she should keep it ready.

"Najoo must recover and improve in health," He told her. Baba then washed the bowl and teaspoon, just as He had at the time I came of age. I was amazed that the Lord of the Universe would do this for a silly girl like me, and then I remembered that not only was He my Big Daddy, He was indeed the Ocean of Love.



2006 Meherwan Kotwal


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