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We are all one. Every one of you has the Infinite within and yet because of ignorance, every one feels some kind of helplessness. It is a mighty divine joke that although every one of you is All-power and All-bliss, you feel completely weak and miserable. The moment this ignorance goes, you become the Infinite Source of All-power and Bliss.

— Meher Baba

GLIMPSES OF THE GOD-MAN, Vol. 5, p. 104, ed Bal Natu
1987 © AMBPPCT


The Beginning of Real Happiness
People should not fear suffering; while overcoming it they should develop a proper understanding of it.
One Real Thing You Can Do In This Life
As I have said, Baba suffered for each one of us, for His Love for each one of us.
Complete Detachment
The individual who has complete detachment is not at the mercy of the opposites of experience; and being free from the thralldom of all desires, he no longer creates his own suffering.
Can You Imagine My Plight
When the woman came up to Baba, He asked her, "Do these kids trouble you?"
Don't Make It Worse
His whine changed into a deep sigh of contentment as the hand of the God-man wiped away the intolerable pain.
I Remain Infinitely Helpless
I remain infinitely helpless because while having infinite Power at my command, I do not use it!
A Mere Game Of Cards
During some further games of cards Baba said, "Life and existence throughout its course until Realization is but a game of cards."
My Greatness Does Not Lie In Performing Miracles
My greatness lies in suffering for the universe, because I love all.
Playing With Illusions
Most people play with illusion as children play with toys.
That Too Is Progress
To save yourself from further entanglement in the maze of delusion and self created suffering which owes its magnitude to the extent of your ignorance of the true Goal, awake now.
Even With The Petal Of A Rose!
How the mother must have felt that accusation from her daughter!
I Am That One
In no previous Avataric period have I disclosed these secrets, because the time was not ripe for it then.
A Spiritual Push
In his own ways, the Avatar unfailingly fulfills his incarnation by giving a spiritual push to his age.
The Other Side Of Suffering
It is only your suffering that will bring you close to Me and when you suffer, know that My nazar is on you.
I Had To Feel Cheerful
Everyone was wearing warm clothes, and they wanted Me to be filmed in these thin clothes, thinking it did not matter to Me.
The Eyes Of The Christ
Each time we entered the room he would, out of delicacy for our feelings, throw a kerchief over his swollen face and only show his eyes.
His Bounty In The Form Of Suffering
It is the few who recognize His bounty in the form of suffering and agony which gives birth to a deeper love and understanding and teaches us to accept His Will without any compromise.
Worthy Of His Love When Our Test Comes
I can say little after this, except that may we be as worthy of His Love when our test comes....
Experiences The Soul Must Go Through
Just imagine if everything were fine and serene, no illness, no misery, we'd stick to our ignorance like leaches, and such a stagnant way would hardly serve the development of the ever-awakening soul!
Your Labour Of Love
To draw you to me and to make you realize that you are Bliss Itself, I come amidst you and suffer infinite agony.
Ask And It Will Be Given You, Instantly
Tell me what you want: God, freedom, paradise, motor car, toys or anything else that you would like the best.
Nobody Suffers In Vain
Nobody suffers in vain, for true freedom is spiritual freedom and suffering is a ladder towards it.
Baba's Second Car Accident
The car was running normally and at moderate speed, when it seemed suddenly and inexplicably to go completely out of control and dashed against a stone culvert, landing eventually in the ditch on the other side of it.
Strive With All Your Heart
Don't dwell on the past, don't be bitter about what has happened, but strive with all your heart to be His.
God Loves The So-Called Destitute And Helpless
Every human being has arrived at the threshold of the same Divine Oneness, and each man and woman does possess a truly equal spiritual opportunity of achieving that Oneness of spiritual freedom.
A Game Of Winning And Losing
The inevitable struggle for existence is in all departments and aspects of life.
A Blessing In Disguise
When suffering leads to the eternal happiness of desirelessness, it should be regarded as a blessing in disguise.
Love Longs For This Supreme Privilege
The nearest approach to complete Oneness and affinity with the Master is when He allows us to experience something of His infinite suffering.
Be Content With Your Lot
Do not ask God for money, fame, power, health or children, but seek His grace and it will lead you to eternal bliss.
Thank God it was Only a Dream After All
From your present awake dream state you have to go through many sleeps of death before you get established in the Real Awake State.
From Suffering To Peace
The root of all sufferings, individual or social, is self-interest. Eliminate self-interest and you will solve all problems and difficulties.
He Violates Her Laws
Nature never has been, never will be, and never is at war with man.
Real Desire And Real Longing
Desires and longings are the root cause of suffering.
Everything Comes, Everything Goes
To reconcile her, Baba replied, "You suffer because I am here! Do I not suffer and bear it? Those who are mine should be prepared to suffer."
He Is Still Looking After Us
Although we do not feel or see Him, Baba is always at our side when we suffer.
On The Topic Of Suffering
While the clay is whirling around on the wheel, the potter is shaping the pot by whacking it with a wooden mallet.
Why Do We Suffer?
Why should we be born; to take birth means to suffer.
You Feel Tired Of This Life
It is normal to have bad thoughts; so long as you do not interpret them into actions, you thereby get an opportunity to exercise control.
He Is With Our Tears
Oh Meher Baba, how you have suffered to give tears to the world! How valuable are these tears; how valuable these tears will be! How precious the tears are by which you manifest.
Strenuous Driving Activities, Part 1
The mandali hung on to their seats while Eruch raced the car (having driven all night also) and reached the spot at exactly 3:00, just as the mast was leaving the place!
Strenuous Driving Activities, Part 2
Baba and the men have been in a car accident, but I hasten to add that Baba's condition is all right even though the injuries were bad.
Satara And The Machine Age
He [Baba] told Eruch he had his physical bones broken to break the material aspect of the "Machine" (Machine Age) while keeping its spiritual aspect intact.
People Really Suffer All The Time
Through his greed, vanity and cruelty, man brings untold suffering upon himself and others.
Helplessly Watch Him Suffer
There are times when Baba looks so utterly tired, with a deep sadness in His eyes — and we know it is not for His own suffering but for His children's.
Healthy Suffering
We have growing pains, which lead to disenchantment, and this will involve a certain amount of healthy suffering.
You believe I am God, then why are you not happy?
Don't you think I know best?
Many Of Us Suffered Acutely On the Meherabad Trips
I felt as if I were being required to function in a kind of mental vacuum.
What Can You Teach A Sleeping Man?
He assures us with His divine authority, that when we wake up, all of our suffering will be as if it has never been.
I Toss People Into The Ocean
So what do I do? I toss people into the Ocean and ask them to swim.
India Possesses The Most Fortunate And Unique Position
It does not matter how much India suffers so long as its spiritual power and value are retained. Moreover, the result of its present suffering will be freedom and happiness.
His Burden Of The Universe
When the world does not pay heed to his call, his suffering increases.
Why Does God ... Give Suffering?
God is all one-in-one. He is aloof and yet so attached that whatever is done is by His law of love and will.
Lessons Of The Futility Of The Passing
People should look upon physical and mental suffering as gifts from God.
I Will Have To Take Upon Myself The Suffering Of All
If I do not, it will be exceedingly unbearable for the people of the world.
Divine Bliss And Human Suffering
How can the individualized soul that continually experiences infinite bliss suffer bodily ailments and be susceptible to ordinary heat and cold?
Baba Quietly Suffered Till The Very End
Baba suffered for our sake, for each one, and for all humanity, and for all creation.
Labor Of Love
Only because of the infinite love and mercy of God can man learn to realize, through the lessons of misery on earth, that inherent in him is the source of infinite bliss, and all suffering is his labor of love to unveil his own infinite Self.
When you belong to the Lord, He takes over all that is yours — your failures, your victories, your joys, your sorrows, to work with as He wishes.
Those Who Suffered Were Fortunate
You know for example, that if the human body is to stay healthy, it must be aware of the sensation of pain and if that sensation were to disappear, we would be in trouble and would require the services of a specialist.
Badly Injured In Another Car Accident
Baba suffered so much! But Baba is God. He controls everything. And He never showed a worrying face. Baba was always smiling, no matter what He went through.
God Loves Most
This is why God loves most the so-called destitute and helpless.
Share Some Of My Suffering Happily
There were eight of us living together in Woodside, and then there was the ninth, the most difficult personality of all — the house itself.
The World Is A Prison
The world is a prison in which the Soul experiences being behind the bars of its gross-subtle-mental body.
Taking Our Suffering Upon Himself
Father was very upset and embarrassed because he immediately understood that Baba had taken upon Himself the illness of His lover so that He might proceed with His tour on schedule, as His spiritual work had to go on.
Man Unknowingly Suffers for God, and God Knowingly Suffers for Man
At 5:15 P.M., the steering wheel suddenly and inexplicably went completely out of control.

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