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Spiritual advancement is a succession of one surrender after another.

— Meher Baba

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Surrender To My Will
All those who surrender themselves in love to Me will see, adore and realize the reality behind My form.
Surrendering To Meher Baba
An aspirant realizes that true liberation is surrenderance of the false and the inheritance of the Truth.
Love, Obedience and Surrender
As love deepens, it is transformed first into obedience and then, finally, into complete surrender.
Few Really Attempt To Surrender
To have my real darshan is to find me.
The Lover Finally Gets The Joke
In fact, it's a mighty joke, this whole thing of surrender.
My Love Sustains Your Being
You can only obey Me spontaneously as I want when you completely surrender yourselves to Me, so that My wish becomes your law and My love sustains your being.
The Totality Of Surrender
Ken Ninety: Before I knew what was happening, Mehera entered, and in one motion fell upon the stone full length.
Tell That Fool It Is My Will
This Baba lover was really keen to live what he believed to be true, but he became very disappointed and exasperated. In the end he requested Adi Sr. to ask Baba the reason for such repeated failings.
Now Has Come The Moment Of Joy
The moment long waited, the moment of joy and apprehension ...
When each one ... when each leaf and piece of earth and stone
On whom and on which falls His glance,
Must decide the issue of surrendrance,
      and lay down that much of his life as he will.
Meher Baba: Surrender To The Will Of The Master
The actions of the spiritual aspirant often seem incomprehensible, as if he were sacrificing his most precious possession — his free will.
The Beauty Of Baba's Order
What Baba did was tell Baidul that he was not allowed to go outside the property to treat anyone, but he could treat anyone who came to him.
Surrendering To Meher Baba
Surrender is something one does continuously, and each time one does it, it is a little bit more.
Bowing To Meher Baba
What we mean by bowing down to His feet is that He being the Highest of the High and we being the lowest of the low — the most weak — we cannot offer Him anything, except offer our weaknesses to Him.

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