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Do your best. Don't worry!
Be happy! I will help you. ~~Meher Baba


Will And Worry
If at all you must worry, let it be how to remember me constantly. This is worthwhile worry because it will bring about the end of worry.
Do Everything, But Don't Worry
It is all fun, all a game, happiness — if you don't worry.
You Worry About The Slightest Thing
You have been everything and experienced all conditions, and yet you worry about the slightest thing that happens to you.
The Antidote For Worry
Live more and more in the present which is ever beautiful and which really stretches far beyond the limits of the past and the future.
Only That Which We Give Is Permanent
You are definitely mine, because you have faith in me, and you have held out and stuck fast to my feet despite your own hardships.
Take The Advice Of Hafiz
If no one is worrying, I have to worry. But my worry is great fun for me!
Snake Repellant
Often she accompanied her husband, but her problem was that she was terrified of snakes, and it seemed that wherever they stayed, there would invariably be snakes there.
Dr. Ginde On Seclusion Hill
While Baba was extremely restless and concerned, Ginde was assuring Eruch not to worry, and was thoroughly enjoying himself.
Cheerfulness, Enthusiasm And Equipoise
When the mind is gloomy, depressed and disturbed its action is chaotic and binding.
A Happy Ending
Baba tells us not to worry because He knows we are safe and sound at His feet.
Soul Satisfying Statements, Part 1, Part 2
I am God. When God says, 'Don't worry,' you should not worry — not give it a second thought.
Worry Is The Master Of All
Kabir said, "Worry eats everyone. Worry is the master of all. But those who swallow worry, they are the ones who become fakirs."
Go Ahead
Hence all conclusions drawn with this medium of a limited mind for things beyond its grasp are futile.
Don't Worry
To be told by Meher Baba not to worry may seem a commonplace and simple thing.
Dealing With Emotions And Worries
Life anywhere is a challenge, but with Baba one learns that worries are not so monumental as we thought them after all.
Will And Worry
Duality implies separateness. Separateness causes fear. Fear makes worry.

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