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Agents are of two types: with form and without form. Agents without form have no connection with the other Agents, because, not having undergone the process of evolution, they are of a different order of beings. But they are powerful. They have no mind, no desire, no form. They are spirits and appear like sparks. An illumined person can see them even with the physical eye. Here about me now are so many. They have no mind, yet can hear and see, because they FEEL. They do whatever they see and hear; then through feeling they pass it on to the unconscious Ocean. It becomes focused in the Creation-Point. Everything which these millions of agent see or hear goes to the Perfect Masters.

The second type of agents are of four different types: Avtad, Abdal, Afreed, Afsoon. All of these agents are in bodies; they have minds and are very powerful, but they are not perfect. The first type give and receive messages to the Perfect Masters somewhat as a wireless operator functions. The second type can appear and disappear at will thousands of miles distant from their physical bodies. When the first type of agents has a message to transmit to the Perfect Masters, they must relay it through the second type — the Abdals — who then go wherever their service may be required, if there is something in the message which requires their aid.

I will give an example: Once, in the time of Piran — a Perfect Master — some of his disciples were on their way to India from Arabia in a small boat. When the boat was at the point of capsizing, the Avtads (first group) at once sent messages to the Master Piran and the Abdals appeared and saved the disciples. Piran was aware of their danger simultaneously with the happening, but even before his command, the Abdals had instantly appeared at the scene of danger and saved the situation. At this same moment Piran began to bleed and when his disciples inquired at to the cause of the bleeding, he told them of the above danger to his absent disciples.

Even greater work is done by the third and fourth categories — the Afreeds and Afsoons. Whereas the Avtads always appear mad, the Afreeds and Afsoons appear sane. These later types are most powerful. They can even create living forms at will, yet they are not perfect. Only one thing is real — the infinite Ocean of love. Billions of messages every day pass over me. Only the important ones I deal with myself. You are all one with the Ocean, yet still separate in consciousness.


GLOW INTERNATIONAL, Feb 1996, pp. 2-3, ed. Naosherwan Anzar
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