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Part I


R. S. Singh Baghel

Baba handed everyone present a cup of coffee to help them keep awake and stay alert. Then, before the meeting began in earnest, Baba glanced around the room. The God-light in His eyes made all feel the warmth of His presence. When everyone was seated, Baba's fingers moved gracefully over the board and Eruch read out, "Tonight is a very important night."

With this sentence a deep silence fell over the hall; all became very attentive, concentrating completely on Baba. His gestures and the words on the board were read out by Eruch, although the flow of Baba's "words" was interrupted often so that they could be translated into Telegu, there was no break in the intensity of the concentration of those listening.

What follows is my attempt to portray the general proceedings of this momentous ineffable meeting. I have tried, with the help of Kishan's diary, notes I compiled, and my personal memory as well as ability to understand, to share Baba's message given that night....

"Tonight is no political or social meeting. This meeting for which I have asked you all to assemble here is for the Divine Cause, and it reminds Me of My former meetings during My previous incarnations. During these periods, the circumstances were different, but since eternity the same God-incarnate has been presiding over these meetings for the same cause — the Divine Cause. It has never been truer than in the spiritual cause that history repeats itself.

"Even if this meeting takes all night to complete the work at hand, I would not feel unhappy because this one night would be worth thousands of nights if you all honestly act up to what I want to emphasize tonight. The Apostles and the Asahaabs [the close ones of the Prophet] who worked for My cause did the work at the cost of everything, even at the cost of life itself. So, listen very carefully and be very attentive.

"This is my last visit to Andhra in this incarnation for mass darshan programmes. The mass darshan programs in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and in Andhra have been enough, and I tell you all with divine authority that the welcome addresses you all have been presenting Me with, and the messages that I have been giving you all, mean nothing on the actual spiritual path. Just to chant My arti, to perform My puja, to garland Me, to offer Me fruits and sweets, and to bow down to Me these acts in themselves mean nothing.

"It is a waste of money to buy garlands, fruits and sweets as offerings to Me for the conventional puja, and a sheer waste of breath and energy to merely chant My arti. What I want from all My lovers is real, unadulterated love, and from My genuine workers I expect real work done.

"I also want to draw your attention to the fact that many miracles experienced by My devotees and admirers, both in the West and East, have been attributed to Me. But with divine honesty, I tell you that in this incarnation, until now, I have not consciously performed even a single miracle. Whenever a miracle is attributed to Me, it is always news to Me. What I want to emphasize is that by attributing such miracles to Me, people cheapen and lower My status as the Highest of the High.

"But today, I do say this, that the moment I break My silence and utter the original Word, the first and last miracle of BABA will be performed. And, when I perform that miracle, I won't raise the dead, but I will make those who live for the world dead to the world and live for God. I won't give sight to the blind, but will make people blind to the illusion and help [make] them see God — the Reality."


2010 R. S. Singh Baghel Advocate


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