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Don Stevens

The words of a great spiritual Master such as Baba act as seeds, they get planted and you know seeds are underground but you forget they are planted, then one day up comes a couple of green leaves that grow a little bit more and then you get a plant.

I was about two thirds of the way through re-editing Dr. Deshmukh's edition of the Discourses, and by that time Baba was not just the Avatar but also a human being that I loved and trusted, and even shared jokes with every once in a while. He had the most wonderful sense of humour; He could crack you up.

On this particular occasion we were discussing some of the things in the Discourses and I just tossed off that I was just not sure that this was ever going to be particularly used as there were so many people that feel that it is impossible to embody the realities of spiritual attainments in words, that words can actually detract, even Baba's words.

Baba looked at me as though He had just heard the most extraordinary thing; He look absolutely aghast. He said, "But Don how could people ever feel that way about Baba's words?" He said, "As Baba works on these words that He gives out He attaches to each word a spiritual energy of great quantity, great proportion, and the individual who takes the trouble, even without understanding, to read Baba's words taps into this gift of spiritual energy which the avatar has attached to his own words."

Then he looked at me and said, "It is your responsibility Don to impress upon the people that you are around that Baba has done this and this spiritual gift that Baba has attached to His words will help them enormously in their own spiritual on-going."

In other words Baba was saying there is an intellectual side to words but the real importance here is that I have touched these words with my own Avataric energy and the person who takes the trouble to read them will participate and absorb this energy even if he does not understand intellectually what I am saying with these words. Quite an amazing statement!


MEHER BABA ASSOCIATION NEWSLETTER, Nov 1997, p. 6, ed. Maxine Summers
1997 © Don Stevens


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