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Don Stevens

[Charles] Purdom pointed out in one of his writings that we really don't have Baba's direct words, we don't really know exactly what Baba wanted to say because first of all Baba was dictating on an alphabet board to secretaries and they were trying to keep up with Him and they made mistakes. Later Baba used even more indecipherable gestures and they were being taken down and went through editors who put things in from their own ideas.

Purdom was a careful, scholarly man pointing out what he felt had to be dealt with by later generations in interpreting what Baba had left us. Some time after Purdom's death this subject came up obliquely. No one accused Purdom of saying things against Baba's manner of giving out words, but the subject was around and generally discussed. Baba chose two occasions when I was in India to clarify this when I was sitting just with Him and Eruch. He had Eruch explain just exactly how it was done.

During the day Baba would give to Eruch material. Eruch would take rapid notes. Eruch by the way before his stroke 7-8 years ago had what we call a photographic memory; in other words something would register exactly and stay there. Eruch most of the night would sit in his room and write up his notes. (Eruch would sleep almost not at all; he was known as Mr. Perpetual Motion.)

He would come back next morning and read out what he had written to Baba, and Baba wanted to emphasize how directly, carefully, word for word all this material was directly from Baba Himself. The instant Baba heard an incorrect word or a word that didn't give the exact meaning Baba would snap His fingers to stop Eruch and they would discuss it back and forth. Because Eruch knew Baba's vocabulary so well almost immediately he would get the word. Baba would smile and they would go on.

Baba explained to me that when there was an especially difficult word He would have Eruch recite the alphabet very quickly; when he came to the letter in the critical word Baba would snap His fingers to stop him and Eruch would repeat the letter to make sure it was the correct one. Baba would spell out in that meticulous fashion words at different points. Now if that isn't having the direct Avataric words I don't know what is.

Baba felt this was so important that he had this repeated to me on a later trip to India. Baba wanted it to be absolutely registered in people's minds how important these direct words from Baba are. Baba wanted it established and absolutely crystal clear that the idea that He just gave out things through secretaries and then they were passed on to us was a totally fallacious viewpoint of how Baba's direct words were given out. It was the principle part of God Speaks up to the supplement that was given out that way.


Meher Baba Assn. NEWSLETTER, Nov 1997, p. 7, ed. Maxine Summers
1997 © Don Stevens


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