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Part 4


R. S. Singh Baghel

With that divine conference held by beloved Baba, Mr. Prabhu dayal Khare, chief worker of Ichhaura centre, along with other Baba lovers had been highly impressed after hearing the narrations about that divine conference which was held between 3rd and 4th February 1954.

Mr. Eruch who was on night duty was asked about that divine conference, but Mr. Eruch B. Jessawala had totally avoided that question with joke and laughter. After sometime the author himself asked Mr. Eruch about that divine conference but behaviour of Eruch was avoiding the direct answer either affirmative or negative.

When narration of that divine conference was conveyed to the local chief and old workers, they took that incident very seriously and they expressed their opinion that conference was like the divine conference as held by Avatar Rama at the spiritual shrine of Maharshi Bharadwaj at the juncture at Allahabad.

Seeing the divine activities done by Avatar Meher Baba at Ichhaura at the time of Mahakumbh in Allahabad, senior Baba lovers of the district presumed and expressed that Baba had shifted Mahakumbh from Prayag (Allahabad) to Ichhaura. Senior old Baba lovers Mr. Keshav Narayan Nigam, Parmeshwari Dayal Nigam (Pukar), Babu Ram Prasad of Nauranga and Shripat Sahay Rawat of Jarakhar had formed the opinion that village Ichhaura had been sanctified by Avatar of the age beloved Meher Baba, hence it has become holy Teerth.

Accordingly Ichhaura being Prem Teerth [Baba proclaimed Icchaura by this name which means Love Sanctified] is the place where holiness of sangam at Allahabad had been transferred to Prem Teerth Ichhaura.

All the above chief workers of district had sanctioned this opinion and expressed to the general public in district Hamirpur and outside.


2010 © R. S. Singh Baghel


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